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Pace DSL4000

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The Pace DSL4000 set top box was launched in 1999, it is an IP TV home gateway and can deliver video over IP ( e.g. PPV, broadcast TV, VoD movies) as well as internet services (e.g. web browsing, email, chat). The DSL4000 is based on technology Pace acquired from Acorn/Element14 and is based on an ARM7500 CPU with 16MB DRAM.

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Pace DSL4000

 Pace DSL4000

The Pace DSL4000 does not have a monitor (e.g. VGA) connector and is connected to a TV via a SCART lead.

Pace DSL4000 RISC OS * prompt

Pace DSL4000 RISC OS * prompt

The Pace DSL4000 operating syatem is basaed on RISC OS, by connecting a PS/2 keyboard and powering on while holding down <shift> & <Keypad-*>, you can boot to the command line. This sceen shows the end of the ROModules listing. It is not possible to boot to the RISC OS desktop, I think this is because of missing modules.

Pace DSL4000 Version screen

Pace DSL4000 Versions sceen 

The Pace DSL4000 can be booted to the Engineering Menu screen by holding down the "Select" button on the front right of the box and powering on. There are a number of configuration options to configure the DSL4000 network options for startup, this screen shows the version of the operating system and some other software.

Pace DSL4000 front

Pace DSL4000 (front) 

The front panel of the Pace DSL4000 has 3 status lights in the central panel - remote, standby and active. There are they arrow buttons on the right with the select button to the left. The reset button is recessed to the right of the arrow buttons and the standby button is above it.

Pace DSL4000 back

Pace DSL4000 (back) 

The backof the DSL4000 showing the I/O ports. From left to right, they are:

Pace DSL4000 bottom

 Pace DSL4000 (bottom)

Pace DSL4000 open

 Pace DSL4000 with top removed

Pace DSL4000 motherboard

 Pace DSL4000 motherboard

The Pace DSL4000 motherboard showing, from left to right:

Here is a HiRes picture of the DSL4000 motherboard. 

Pace DSL4000 Remote Control

 Pace DSL4000 Remote Control


Serial No.PAJACUA113410414
Unique identityn/a
Motherboard part no.n/a
CPU ModelCL-PS7500FE56QC-C
CPU Clock56MHz
Memory ControllerARM7500 (IOMD)
Memory Clockn/a
Video ControllerARM7500 (VIDC20)
I/O ControllerSMC FDC37C669
NICon board
OSRO-STB 4.0.0
OS Date25-Sep-2000