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Simtec Electronics

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Simtec produced an number of development boards with ARM CPUs which include:

  1. EB7500ATX - an ATX motherboard based on the Cirrus Logic EP7500FE system-on-chip.
  2. EB110ATX - an ATX motherboard based on the Intel 21281 SA110 StrongARM, the 21285 support chip and Acer Labs M1543c south bridge
  3. EB675001DIP - a compact module containing an entire ARM system including SDRAM, Flash, user programmable CPLD, RTC, Serial, JTAG and numerous other features. It uses the OKI 675000 series MCU.
  4. EB2410ITX - a fully featured mini ITX motherboard, based around the Samsung 2410 System on a Chip.

The development boards are usually supplied with versions of Linux and BSD. See Simtec  for more details. The EB7500ATX board was used in the RiscStation R7500 and by RISCOS Ltd as a test platform for Embedded RISC OS 4.06 (I don't know of other uses)

EB7500ATX and Embedded RISC OS 4.06

Here is the Hardware description from Simtec:
Standard features include:

 1 56Mhz is the manufacturers highest specification on this part. In Simtec's experience these parts are reliable at 64 Mhz operation, this frequency may be requested when ordering.
2 EDO memory is recommended and may be run at 50, 60 or 70ns depending on parts used.

Here are some pictures of the EB7500ATX with embedded RISC OS 4.06 installed:

Simtec EB7500ATX top

  EB7500ATX (top)

Simtec EB7500ATX board showing:

Here is a HiRes picture of the Simtec EB7500ATX board .

Simtec EB7500ATX bottom

EB7500ATX (bottom) 

RISC OS 4.06 embedded start up

Embedded RISC OS 4.06 start up messages 

RISC OS 4.06 Embedded Flash screen

Embedded RISC OS 4.06 flash screen  

RISC OS Embedded 4.06 desktop   

Embedded RISC OS 4.06 desktop 

RISC OS Embeddedd 4.06 About

Embedded RISC OS 4.06 About screen