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Busicomputers Prophet 2

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The Prophet 2 is a modified Atom build by Acorn for Busicomputers Ltd.

Manuals and documentation

 In March 1983 Personal Computer World published a review "Prophet II " 

Busicomputers Prophet 2

You should compare the pictures of the Atom with the Prophet 2 to spot the differences. The main diffrences are:

 Here are some pictures of the Prophet 2:

Prophet 2 front

 Prophet2 (front)

 The Propet2 from the front, showing:

Prophet 2 right

 Prophet2 (right)

Prophet 2 back

 Prophet 2 (back)

 The back of the Prophet2 showing, from left to right:

Prophet 2 open

 Prophet 2 with top cover removed

 The Prophet2, with the top cover removed, showing:

Prophet 2 motherboard

 Prophet 2 motherboard

 The Prophet 2 motherboard is an Atom Issue 5 board (202,000 issue 5). The picture shows, from left to right:

 A Hi-Res version of this picture is available HERE .

 Prophet 2 open

Prophet2 opened.

 The Prophet2 opened out to show the connections between the 32K RAM card in the base and the Acorn expansion bus on the motherboard. The red and black cable to the Video connector is also visible.


Serial No.1082/105
Motherboard part no.202,000 Issue 5
CPU Clock1MHz
- 4K MOS
- 4K P2/FP
- 4K Atom Calc
Add in/UpgradesAcorn 32K Dynamic RAM
Acorn Atom Calc PCB