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A680 motherboard top

A680 motherboard top

 A680 motherboard seen from right hand side. Starting at the top left, there is the on board SCSI controller and the connector for the SCSI cable in the middle top. The large square IC on the top left is the IOC (Albion). Below the SCSI controller on the left hand side is the 8MB RAM and the cable connector for the keyboard socket on the bottom left. The three socktted, square, ICs in the bottom middle are 2 MEMC1's either side of the ARM CPU (in this case a Watford Electronics 25MHz ARM3. The small connector on the right of the ARM CPU is the floppy disc connector with the backplane connector next to it. To the top right of the backplane connector are the ROMs, which contain the minimum modules to boot RISCiX from SCSI disc and the square IC below them is the VIDC1a (Arabella). The additional wires attached to the VIDC1a and elsewhere are, apparently, to assist connecting a VGA monitor,

A HiRes version of this picture is available here.