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Acorn product codes

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This table contains a list of all the Acorn (and Acornsoft) product codes that I have found so far. The main sources are Acorns Sales News and Price Lists. It is not a complete list of Acorn Products because:

It is subject to regular revision.

Last update: 7 November 2010


Product CodeDescription
ABJ01JP150 Printer
ABJ02JP150 Printer Sheet feeder
ABJ04JP150 Ink Jet Refils
ACA201MB VRAM (for Risc PC)
ACA212MB VRAM (for Risc PC)
ACA29Risc PC Backplane upgrade
ACA42486 SXL-33 PC card (for Risc PC)
ACA43PC card
ACA52486 SXL-33 PC Card
ACA53486 DX2-66 PC card
ACA54PCx86 Software upgrade
ACA56DX4-100 PC Card
ACA575x86 PC Card
ACA71Risc PC ARM710 processor upgrade
ACB15Risc PC 600 2M HD210
ACB25Risc PC 600 5M HD210
ACB28Risc PC 600 5M HD420 CD
ACB45Risc PC 600 9M HD420
ACB48Risc PC 600 9M HD420 CD
ACB60Risc PC 600 4MB HD425
ACB61Risc PC 600 4MB HD425 CD
ACB64Risc PC 600 4MB HD540
ACB65Risc PC 600 4MB HD540 CD
ACB67Risc PC 600 4MB HD425 Early Years
ACB68Risc PC 600 4MB HD425 Learning Curve
ACB69Risc PC 600 4MB HD425 Home Office
ACB70Risc PC 700 5MB HD425
ACB71Risc PC 700 5MB HD425 CD
ACB75Risc PC 700 10MB HD850
ACB75ARisc PC 700 10MB HD1GB
ACB75BRisc PC 700 10MB HD1GB
ACB76Risc PC 700 10MB HD850 CD
ACB76ARisc PC 700 10MB CD-ROM
ACB76BRisc PC 700 10MB HD1GB 4xCD
ACB77Risc PC 700 5MB HD540
ACB77ARisc PC 700 5MB HD540 CD
ACB77BRisc PC 700 5MB HD540
ACB78BRisc PC 700 5MB HD540 4xCD
ACB80Risc PC 2MB HD 210 Home Office
ACB81Risc PC 2MB HD 210 Learning Curve
ACB82Risc PC 2MB HD 210 Early Years
ACB83Risc PC 5MB HD 210 Home Office
ACB84Risc PC 5MB HD 210 Learning Curve
ACB85Risc PC 5MB HD 210 Early Years
ACB86Risc PC 9MB HD 420 Home Office
ACB87Risc PC 9MB HD 420 Learning Curve
ACB88Risc PC 9MB HD 420 Early Years
ACB96Risc PC 10MB HD850, X Window system
ACB98Risc PC 600 10 Base 2 X Window system
ACB99Risc PC 600 10 Base T X Window system
ACD01CD-ROM drive for Risc PC
ACD05RiscPC 16bit sound card
ACD20HD210 upgrade (for Risc PC)
ACD30HD420 Upgrade (for Risc PC)
ACJ01Risc PC Welcome Guide
ACJ03RISC OS 3 Programmer's Reference Manual Indices
ACJ04Risc PC RISC OS 3 User Guide
ACJ05RISC OS 3 Programmer's Reference Manual Volume 5
ACJ25RISC OS 3.6 PRM Vol 5a
ACM01Case Mid Upgrade (for Risc PC)
ACM02Risc PC case upgrade (series B or above)
ACW444MB Cambridge Workstation
ADB20Master Compact
ADB14Master Econet Terminal
ADC06Master Turbo Module
ADC08Master 512 co-processor
ADD03Monitor stand + 800K dual drives
ADF10Master/Archimedes Econet Module
ADF14Master ROM Cartridge
ADF15Master Compact RS232 kit
ADF16Master Compact additional floppy drive
ADF17Master Compact PAL TV Adaptor
ADF30Master Compact TV
ADF31Master Compact Mono monitor
ADF32Master Compact Colour monitor
ADJ01Master Welcome Guide
ADJ22Master reference manual part 1
ADJ23Master reference manual part 2
ADJ25Master Fileserver Utilities Disc
ADK65Casio Mains Adaptor
ADT16Master Battery Pack
AED11Level 4 Manager's Guide
AED21AUN Manager's Guide
AED22Econet Design and Installation Guide
AED24Ethernet Design and Installation Guide
AED40TCP/IP Protocol Suite (Release 2) User Guide Edition 2
AED41TCP/IP Protocol Suite (Release 2) Installation Guide Edition 2
AEH14Econet clock
AEH15Econet Terminator
AEH17Econet 100m Cable
AEH18Econet 10 station lead set
AEH19Econet Starter Kit
AEH20Econet Bridge
AEH21Econet Socket Kit
AEH25Econet X25 Gateway
AEH26Econet Fileserver E01
AEH27Econet Fileserver E20
AEH31Econet Socket Set
AEH32Econet Bridge
AEH35Econet FileStore E01S
AEH36Econet FileStore E40S
AEH37Econet FileStore E60S
AEH50Archimedes Ethernet Expansion Card II
AEH51Econet Starter Kit
AEH52Econet Module for A3020/A4000
AEH53Econet Cable for A3020/A4000
AEH54Ethernet Expansion Card III
AEH59Access + Ethernet components
AEH60Econet Network interface card (for Risc PC)
AEH61Ethernet Network Interface Card (for Risc PC)
AEH62Ethernet Network Interface Card (for Risc PC)
AEH70A5000 Acorn Access
AEH71A3020/A4000 Acorn Access
AEH72A3000 Acorn Access
AEH73Risc PC 600 Acorn Access
AEH75Ethernet I/F & Access+ for A5000
AEH77Ethernet I/F & Access+ for A3000
AEH78Ethernet I/F & Access+ for Risc PC/A7000
AEH79Ethernet I/F & Access+ for A4000/A3020
AES20Econet Level 1 fileserver software (40T disc)
AES21Econmet Level 2 fileserver software (80T disc)
AES22Printer Server EPROM
AES23Econet Level 1 fileserver software (80T disc)
AES24Econet Level 3 Utilities disc
AES26Supastore EPROMs (pack of 5)
AES27Supastore database pack
AES30Econet Gateway Access pack
AES32TCP/IP Protocol Suite
AES33TCP/IP Programmer's Pack
AES34Broadcast Loader
AES38Level 4 Fileserver
AES39DOS+ Econet Software (Network licence)
AES40AUN/Level 4 Fileserver Release 2
AES41AUN Upgrade (for L4 FS Licence only)
AES42Level 4 Fileserver Upgrade to release 2 (single user)
AES43TCP/IP Protocol Suite Release 2 (site licence)
AES44TCP/IP Upgrade from Release 1 to Release 2
AES48TCP/IP Protocol Suite Release 2 (single user)
AES50Level 4 Fileserver Release 3
AES51Level 4 Fileserver Release 3 Upgrade
AES56SchoolServer AS500 604 Power PC 24MB with OmniClient
AES57SchoolServer AS500 604 Power PC 24MB without OmniClient
AES58SchoolServer AS1000 604 Power PC 32MB with OmniClient
AES59SchoolServer AS1000 604 Power PC 32MB without OmniClient
AES60Access CD Share
AES70InterTalk (single user)
AES71InterTalk (site licence)
AES72InterTalk V2 (single user)
AES73InterTalk V2 (site license)
AES74OmniClient 2 Single User
AES75OmniClient 2 Site Licence
AES76OmniClient 2 Single User Upgrade
AES77OmniClient 2 Site Licence Upgrade
AEY10Level 4 Fileserver (site licence)
AFB15Breifcase Communicator
AFB11Communicator (Italian model)
AGA11A3010 1MB RAM Upgrade
AGA222MB RAM Upgrade for A3020/A4000
AGA24A3020 Hard Drive Upgrade
AGA30A3000/A4000 Analogue & User port expansion
AGA31PC Card 386 1MB for A3020/A4000
AGA32PC Card 486 4MB for A3020/A4000
AGA50SCART Lead (single)
AGB15A3010 Family Pack
AGB22A3020 2MB FD System
AGB23A3020 HD 60 System
AGB27A3020 Acorn Discovery
AGB33A3020 2MB HD 80 System
AGB40A3010 2MB FD
AGB50A3010 1MB Action Pack
AGC10A4000 Home Office
AGC20A4000 HD 80 System
AGC40A4000 HD 105 System
AGC50A4000 HD 210 System
AGC80A4000 2M HD 210 Home Office
AGC81A4000 2M HD 210 Learning Curve
AGC82A4000 2M HD 210 Early Years
AGJ01A3010 Welcome Guide
AGJ02A3020 Welcome Guide
AGJ03A30x0/A4000 Technical Reference Manual
AGJ10A4000 Welcome Guide
AHA11Acorn Schedule Class Pack (for Pocket Book)
AHA20128K RAM disc (for Pocket Book)
AHA21256K Flash Disc (for Pocket Book)
AHA22512K Flash Disc (for Pocket Book)
AHA231MB Flash disc (for Pocket Book)
AHA27512K RAM disc (for Pocket Book)
AHA30A-Link (for Pocket Book)
AHA31Parallel Link (for Pocket Book)
AHA33Alink Upgrade (for Pocketbook)
AHA35Mains Adaptor (for Pocket Book)
AHA36PC Link (for Pocket Book)
AHA37Mac Link (for Pocket Book)
AHA41OPL Editor (for Pocket Book)
AHA42Acorn Schedule (for Pocket Book)
AHA44Acorn Plotter (for Pocket Book)
AHA45Acorn Plotter Class Pack (for Pocket Book)
AHA50PC Link +
AHB03Pocket Book
AHB05Pocket Book II 256K
AHB06Pocket Book II 512K
AHB07Pocket Book II 1MB
AHB10Pocket Book Class Pack
AHB12Pocket Book II 256K Class Pack (10)
AHB13Pocket Book II 256K School Pack (100)
AHB14Pocket Book II 256K Site Pack (1000)
AHB17Pocket Book II 1MB Class Pack (10)
AHB18Pocket Book II 1MB School Pack (100)
AHB19Pocket Book II 1MB Site Pack (1000)
AHJ01Pocket Book User Guide
AHJ02Abacus User Guide
AIM04M19 256K memory upgrade
AIM09M18 MSDOS kit
AIM10M19 + Mono monitor single drive & 20MB Winchester
AIM15M19 + Colour monitor single drive & 20MB Winchester
AIM20M19 + Mono monitor + Dual drive
AIM25M19 + Colour monitor + Dual drive
AJK01Archimedes Programmer's Reference Manual
AKA01Archimedes 2 slotBackplane
AKA05Archimedes ROM Expansion Card
AKA10Archimedes I/O Expansion Card
AKA12A3000 User Port/MIDI Upgrade
AKA15MIDI Add-on to I/O card
AKA16Archimedes MIDI Expansion Card
AKA18A3000 Serial Upgrade
AKA20Archimedes Floating Point Card
AKA22Archimedes MEMC1A Upgrade
AKA25Ethernet Card
AKA30Archimedes SCSI Adaptor card
AKA31Archimedes SCSI Adaptor Mark 2 Card
AKA32Archimedes SCSI Mark 3 Adaptor card
AKA35CDFS 2.2 /SCSI Upgrade Kit inc Acorn PhotoView
AKA42PC Emulator
AKA43PC Emulator 1.6
AKA44PC Emulator 1.7
AKA510.5MB RAM for Archimedes 305
AKA52A410/1 1MB RAM Upgrade
AKA53A3000 1MB RAM Upgrade
AKA54MIDI (AKA12) Upgrade
AKA62RISC OS 2 Upgrade
AKA66A3000 TV Modulator
AKA70PC Emulator 1.8
AKA77A3000 Active SCART Lead
AKA80A540 4MB RAM Upgrade
AKB10Archimedes 305
AKB16A3000 Special Access
AKB15Archimedes 310
AKB16A3000 Special Access
AKB18A3000 Special Access with PRES Monitor Stand & 14Colour Monitor
AKB19A3000 Learning Curve
AKB20Archimedes 440
AKB26Archimedes 410 (not released)
AKB29A3000 Learning Curve
AKB30Archimedes A310M
AKB40Archimedes 410/1
AKB42Archimedes 420/1
AKB44Archimedes 440/1
AKB46Archimedes Learning Curve
AKB50Archimedes 540/1
AKB62A4 2M FD System
AKB66A4 4M HD 60 System
AKD50A300 Floppy Disc Upgrade
AKD51A400/1 Floppy Disc Upgrade
AKD52Winchester disc podule
AKF01Mono monitor
AKF11RGB colour monitor
AKF1214RGB colour monitor
AKF17Acorn 14Colour Monitor
AKF18Acorn 14Multiscan Colour Monitor
AKF20A3000 Monitor Stand
AKF22PRES Monitor Stand
AKF3014Tilt/Swivel Colour Monitor
AKF4014Tilt/Swivel Colour Monitor
AKF50High-res SVGA Multiscan Monitor
AKF52Med-Res SVGA Multiscan Monitor
AKF6014High-Res SVGA Multiscan Monitor
AKF8517SVGA Multiscan Monitor
AKF9017SVGA monitor
AKF9117SVGA monitor
AKF9217SVGA monitor
AKF9317Budget SVGA monitor
AKJ01Programmer's Reference manual
AKJ02RISC OS 2 Programmer's Reference Manual
AKJ03RISC OS 3 Programmer's Reference Manual Vols 1-4
AKJ05Archimedes Welcome Guide (RISC OS)
AHJ06Pocket Book 2 User Guide
AKJ06Archimedes User Guide (RISC OS)
AKJ07RISC OS 2 User Guide
AKJ08Archimedes BBC Basic User Guide
AKJ16A3000 Welcome Guide
AKJ17Technical Publications Style Guide
AKJ18RISC OS Style Guide
AKJ20BBC Basic Reference Manual
AKJ21RISC OS Style Guide
AKJ25A540/R260 Installation Guide
AKJ35PC Emulator 1.8 user guide
AKJ41RISC OS 3 Applications Guide
AKJ44RISC OS User Guide (Edition 2)
AKJ45RISC OS 3 Applications Guide (Edition 2)
AKJ47RISC OS 3 User and Apps Guide
AKJ48RISC OS 3 - Handbuch Band 1: Benutzung
AKJ49RISC OS 3 - Handbuch Band 2: Andwendungen
AKJ60RISC OS 3 User Guide Version 3.60
AKJ75A3000 Technical Reference Manual
AKJ76A540 Technical Reference Manual
ALA11Electron Plus 1
ALA13Electron Plus 3 3.5disc drive
ALA20A5000 2MB RAM Expansion Card
ALA21A5000 Backplane
ALA23A5000/A540 Floating Point Accelerator
ALA31RISC OS 3 Single User Software Upgrade Kit
ALA32RISC OS 3 Hardware Upgrade Kit
ALA33RISC OS 3 Bulk Software Upgrade Kit
ALA34A5000 RISC OS 3 Upgrade Kit
ALA38RISC OS 3.19 (German)
ALA40RISC OS 3.1 Documentation
ALA41RISC OS 3.1 3 set ROM pack
ALA42RISC OS 10 set ROM pack
ALA602MB RAM Upgrade A3020/A4000/A4
ALA62A4 60MB HD Upgrade
ALA65A4 Battery Pack
ALA66A4 Econet Upgrade
ALA67A4 Shoulder Bag
ALB10A5000 1M FD
ALB12A5000 2M HD System
ALB22A5000 2MB HD 80
ALB24A5000 4MB HD 120
ALB25A5000 4MB HD162
ALB27A5000 2MB Ethernet Station
ALB28A5000 2MB Econet Station
ALB32A5000 2M HD 80 System
ALB35A5000 4M HD 160 System
ALB53A5000 2M HD 210 System
ALB55A5000 4M HD 210 System
ALC10A5000 2M HD Learning Curve System
ALC15A3010 Learning Curve System
ALC16A3010 Learning Curve System
ALC17A3010 2MB Learning Curve
ALC18A3010 2MB Early Years
ALC20A5000 Learning Curve
ALF03Electron Data recorder
ALJ10A5000 Welcome Guide
ALJ12A5000 Technical Reference Manual
ALJ16A5000 Welcome Guide
ALJ20A4 Welcome Guide
ALJ21A4 Portable Handbook
ALJ22A4 Technical Reference Manual
AMB10Master Optional System ROM (MOS 3.5)
AMB15Master 128
AMC00Non-StrongARM Riisc PC and A7000/A7000+ with on-site support
AMC01A7000 2Mb Net
AMC02A7000 2MB HD125
AMC03A7000 4MB HD125
AMC04A7000 4MB Net
AMC05A7000 4MB HD540
AMC08A7000+ 8MB Net
AMC10A7000+ 8MB HD1.2GB
AMC21A7000 2MB Net CD
AMC22A7000 2MB HD425 CD
AMC23A7000 4MB HD425 4xCD
AMC25A7000 4MB HD540 4xCD
AMC50A7000+ 8MB HD1.2GB 8xCD
AMC97A7000 & A7000+ 3 year Warranty
AMC98A7000 & A7000+ 5 year Warranty
AMD10A7000 Backplane upgrade
AMJ01A7000 Welcome Guide
AMJ02A7000+ Welcome Guide
ANA01BBC model A
ANB01BBC Model B
ANB02BBC Model B with Econet interface
ANB03BBC Model B with disc interface
ANB04BBC Model b with Disc & Econet interfaces
ANB14Speech upgrade kit
ANB22BBC B & B+ Econet Upgrade Kit
ANB23Disc Upgrade Kit
ANB27BBC B+ 64Kbyte Upgrade Kit
ANB281770 Upgrade
ANB311772 Disc Upgrade Kit
ANB51BBC Model B+ 64K
ANB52BBC Model B+ 64K with Econet
ANB53BBC Model B+ 64K with disc interface
ANB54BBC Model B+ 64K with disc and Econet interface
ANB55BBC Model B + 128K with disc interface
ANC016502 second processor
ANC025 DIN to 25way Dtype serial cable
ANC03second processor - 16 bit (never released)
ANC04Z80 second processor
ANC0632016 co-processor
ANC11Z80 Software manuals
ANC13ARM Evaluation System (for the BBC Micro)
ANC15PC Evaluation System (for IBM PC or PC compatible)
ANC21Universal Second Processor
AND01Single drive (100K)
AND02Dual drive (800K)
AND61Econet Level 3 Fileserver (inc 10MB Winchester)
AND62Econet Level 3 Fileserver (inc 30MB Winchester)
ANE01Teletext Adaptor
ANE02Prestel Adaptor
ANF0112Mono monitor
ANF0214Colour monitor
ANF03BBC Data recorder
ANF1214Colour monitor
ANF2112Amber monitor
ANH01BBC Joysticks
ANJ01BBC Micro user guide
ANJ02Utilities Disc/Manual (40T)
ANJ03Utilities Disc/Manual (80T)
ANJ05Econet Level 1 F/S User Guide
ANJ06Econet Level 1 F/S Manager Guide
ANJ07Econet Level 2 F/S User Guide
ANJ08Econet Level 2 F/S Manager Guide
ANJ09Econet Advanced User Guide
ANJ10Teletext Receiver Guide
ANJ11Prestel Receiver Guide
ANJ12Speech User Guide
ANJ136502 Second Processor User Guide
ANJ14Econet Printer Server Manager Guide
ANJ15Z80 Second Processor User Guide
ANJ16Econet Level 3 Manual Guide
ANJ18Panos 1.4 Upgrade kit
ANJ53BBC B+ User Guide
ANK01IEEE Interface
ANP11Poseidon Floppy System
ANP13Beebtel terminal Software
ANP14BeebTel+ Terminal Software
ANV02Music 500
APP71General Interest Catalogue
APP72Education Catalogue
APP73Scientific & Industrial Catalogue
APP75Medical Catalogue
ART10StrongARM CPU upgrade
ART11RISC OS 3.7 upgrade
ART21Risc PC StrongARM processor upgrade
AVC12BBC AIV System (Domesday)
AVC18BBC AIV Upgrade System
CAO0616bit SCSI (for A300, 400, A5000, Risc PC)
CAO088bit SCSI (for 3000, 3010, 3020, A4000)
CAO50Multimedia Expansion
CAS10Casio QV-10a Camera
CAS100Casio QV100 Camera
CON01A3010 Action pack + AKF52 monitor
CON02A3010 2M learning Curve + AKF52 monitor
CON03A3010 2M Early Years + AKF52 Monitor
CON10A7000 Early Years
EDU01A3020 FD System + AKF52 monitor
EDU02A3020 FD System + AKF50 monitor
EDU11A3020 HD80 System + AKF52 monitor
EDU12A3020 HD80 System + AKF50 monitor
GBE02Acornsoft Peeko-Computer (German)
GBE03Acornsoft Managementspiele (German)
GBE05Acornsoft Wort-Schatzsuche (German)
GBE06Acornsoft Wortsalat (German)
GBE08Acornsoft Zahlenwaage (German)
GBG03Acornsoft Monsters (German)
GBG04Acornsoft Snapper (German)
GBG13Acornsoft Meteors (German)
GBG15Acornsoft Planetoid (German)
GBG23Acornsoft Hopper (German)
GBX01Acornsoft Kreative Graphiken (German)
GLA01Electron (German model)
GLB01Acornsoft Terminkalender for Electron (German)
GLB05Acornsoft Haushaltbudget for Electron (German)
GLE02Acornsoft Peeko-Computer for Electron (German)
GLE04Acornsoft Baum der Weisheit (Tree of Knowledge) for Electron (German)
GLG03Acornsoft Monsters for Electron (German)
GLG13Acornsoft Meteors for Electron (German)
GLG15Acornsoft Planetoid for Electron (German)
GLG20Acornsoft Dame und Reversi for Electron (German)
GLG22Acornsoft Starship Command for Electron (German)
GLG23Acornsoft Hopper for Electron (German)
GLL01Acornsoft Forth for Electron (German)
GLL02Acornsoft Lisp for Electron (German)
GLL08Acornsoft S-Pascal for Electron (German)
GLX01Acornsoft Kreative Graphiken for Electron (German)
GLX03Acornsoft Zeichenbrett for Electron (German)
GNB14BBC Model B with disc interface, Econet & Speech (German model)
NCE01NC Ethernet card
QV100Casio QV-100 digital camera
SAR02CasioQV10a/100 connection kit
SAR10ART Timecode
SBB01Acornsoft Desk Diary
SBB03Acornsoft View ROM
SBB04Acornsoft View Printer Drivers
SBB05Acornsoft Personal Money Management
SBB06Acornsoft Database
SBB07Acornsoft Viewsheet ROM
SNB15Acornsoft Hi-View 5.25disc
SBB16Acornsoft Printer Driver Generator cassette
SBB27Acornsoft Viewstore ROM
SBB28Acornsoft Viewspell ROM
SBB31Acornsoft View 3.0 ROM
SBD01Acornsoft Greative graphics
SBD02Acornsoft Graphs and charts
SBD03Acornsoft Forth on the BBC Micro book
SBD04Acornsoft Lisp on the BBC Micro
SBD07Acornsoft View Guide
SBD08Acornsoft Into View
SBD10Acornsoft BCPL User Guide
SBD13Acornsoft Microtext guide
SBD14Acornsoft S-Pascal Manual
SBD15Acornsoft ViewSheet Users Guide
SBD17Acornsoft Turtle Graphics guide
SBD18Acornsoft ISO-Pascal Reference Manual
SBD19Acornsoft Introduction to Comal book
SBD20Acornsoft Introduction to Logo
SBD21Acornsoft Logo on the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron
SBD22Acornsoft 6502 Development Package manual
SBD27Acornsoft BASIC ROM User Guide
SBD29Acornsoft The BASIC Editor manual
SBD30Acornsoft Termulator Manual
SBD32Acornsoft MicroProlog manual
SBD34Acornsoft Creative sound on the BBC Micro
SBD35Acornsoft Microtext Plus manual
SBD37Acornsoft View 3 User Guide
SBD38Acornsoft ViewStore Manual
SBD39Acornsoft ROM software
SBD52Acornsoft Logo reference Manual
SBD55Acornsoft ViewSpell User Guide
SBD58Acornsoft View 3 Manual
SBD59Acornsoft Viewsheet User Guide
SBD60Acornsoft Viewstore Manual
SBD61Acornsoft ViewSpell User guide
SBD62Acornsoft ViewPlot User guide
SBE01Acornsoft Algebraic Manipulation
SBE02Acornsoft Peeko-Computer
SBE03Acornsoft Business Games
SBE04Acornsoft Tree of Knowledge
SBE05Acornsoft Word Hunt
SBE06Acornsoft Word Sequencing
SBE07Acornsoft Sentence Sequencing
SBE08Acornsoft Number Balance
SBE09Acornsoft Missing Signs
SBE12Acornsoft Chemical Analysis
SBE13Acornsoft Chemical Simulations
SBE14Acornsoft Chemical Structures
SBE15Acornsoft Jars
SBE16Acornsoft Temperature Control Simulation
SBE18Acornsoft Spooky Manor
SBE22Acornsoft Talkback
SBE23Acornsoft Workshop
SBE24Acornsoft ABC
SBG01Acornsoft Philosopher's Quest
SBG02Acornsoft Aviator
SBG02Acornsoft Defender
SBG03Acornsoft Monsters
SBG04Acornsoft Snapper
SBG05Acornsoft Rocket Raid
SBG06Acornsoft Arcade Action
SBG07Acornsoft Sphinx Adventure
SBG08Acornsoft Cube Master
SBG09Acornsoft JCB Digger
SBG10Acornsoft Chess
SBG11Acornsoft Maze
SBG12Acornsoft Sliding-Block Puzzles
SBG13Acornsoft Meteors
SBG14Acornsoft Arcadians
SBG15Acornsoft Planetoid
SBG16Acornsoft Super Invaders
SBG17Acornsoft Castle of Riddles
SBG18Acornsoft Missile Base
SBG19Acornsoft Countdown to Doom
SBG20Acornsoft Draughts & Reversi
SBG21Acornsoft Snooker
SBG22Acornsoft Starship Command
SBG23Acornsoft Hopper
SBG24Acornsoft Carousel
SBG25Acornsoft Kingdom of Hamil
SBG26Acornsoft Crazy Tracer
SBG27Acornsoft Drogna
SBG28Acornsoft Free Fall
SBG29Acornsoft Meteor Mission
SBG30Acornsoft Gateway to Karos
SBG31Acornsoft Boxer
SBG32Acornsoft Tetrapod
SBG33Acornsoft Volcano
SBG34Acornsoft Black Box & Gambit
SBG36Acornsoft The Seventh Star
SBG38Acornsoft Elite
SBG39Acornsoft Firebug
SBG40Acornsoft Quondam
SBG41Acornsoft Labyrinth
SBG42Acornsoft Go
SBG43Acornsoft Revs
SBG44Acornsoft Revs 4 Tracks
SBG46Acornsoft Magic Mushrooms
SBL01Acornsoft Forth
SBL02Acornsoft Lisp
SBL04Acornsoft Microtext
SBL06Acornsoft Logo ROM
SBL07Acornsoft Turtle Graphics
SBL09Acornsoft Lisp Demonstration Programs
SBL13Acornsoft Forth ROM
SBL14Acornsoft LISP ROM
SBL17Acornsoft Microprolog ROM
SBL18Acornsoft ISO-Pascal ROM
SBL19Acornsoft COMAL ROM
SBL22Acornsoft The BASIC Editor ROM
SBL23Acornsoft Termulator ROM (BBC B, B+)
SBL25Acornsoft GXR, The graphics extension ROM BBC B
SBL26Acornsoft GXR, The graphics extension ROM BBC B+
SBL27Acornsoft Microtext Plus ROM
SBL29Acornsoft Microtext Run Time ROM (x10)
SBX01Acornsoft Creative Graphics
SBX02Acornsoft Graphs & Charts
SBX03Acornsoft Picture Maker
SBX04Acornsoft Shirley Conran's Magic Garden
SBX05Acornsoft Collector's Catalogue
SBX06Acornsoft Membership Manager
SBX07Acornsoft One to Nine
SBX08Acornsoft Hooked on Numbers
SBX11Acornsoft Paul Daniels' Magic Show
SBX12Acornsoft 100 programs for the BBC Micro
SBX13Acornsoft Linkword French
SBX14Acornsoft Linkword Italian
SBX15Acornsoft Linkword Spanish
SBX16Acornsoft Linkword German
SBX17Acornsoft Watch your Weight
SBX26Acornsoft Creative Sound
SCB03Acornsoft View Electron cartridge
SCB07Acornsoft Viewsheet Electron cartridge
SCE04Acornsoft Tree of Knowledge Electron cartridge
SCG04Acornsoft Snapper Electron cartridge
SCG19Acornsoft Countdown to Doom Electron cartridge
SCG22Acornsoft Starship Command Electron cartridge
SCG23Acornsoft Hopper Electron cartridge
SCL02Acornsoft Lisp Electron cartridge
SCL06Acornsoft Logo A full implementation on ROM Cartridge
SCL18Acornsoft ISO-Pascal Electron cartridge
SDB06Acornsoft Database Electron 3.5disc
SDG90Acornsoft Plus three games Electron 3.5disc
SKB20Acornsoft Logistix
SKB68Aconsoft 1st Word Plus
SKB69Acorn Desktop Publisher
SKB701st Word Plus (Release 2)
SKB75Acorn desktop C
SKB76Acorn Desktop Assembler
SKB77Acorn Advance Single User
SKB78Acorn C/C++
SKB82Replay Starter Kit
SKB85PC Exchange
SKB985.25Floppy Disc Pack of 10
SKB99DTP pack from Learning Curve
SKD01First Word Plus Manual
SKD03Logistix (part 1) Manual
SKD04Logistix (part 2) Manual
SKD05ANSI C (Release 2) manual
SKD07Acornsoft ISO-Pascal (Release 2) manual
SKD09Acornsoft FORTRAN 77 (Release 2) Manual
SKD13Symbolic Debugger Manual
SKD14Toolbox Utilities Manual
SKD15TWIN Manual
SKD17Acorn Desktop Publisher Manual
SKD191st Word Plus (Release 2) Manual
SKD24Acorn Product Directory
SKD26Acorn Education Directory Issue 3
SKD29ANSI C (Release 3) Manual
SKD35ANSI C (Release 4) User Guide
SKD36Assember (Release 2) User Guide
SKD37DDE User Guide
SKD77Advance User Guide
SKD78Advance Project Book
SKD99DTP pack form Learning Curve manual
SKF01Font Starter Pack
SKF02Newhall Starter Pack
SKF03Symbol Font Pack
SKL14Acornsoft Lisp
SKL28Acornsoft ANSI C
SKL38Acornsoft ISO-Pascal
SKL44Acornsoft Twin
SKL48Acornsoft Fortran 77
SKL58Acornsoft Software Developer's Toolbox
SKL64Acornsoft Assembler
SKL68Acornsoft Prolog X
SKL70Acornsoft ANSI C (Release 2)
SKL71Acornsoft ISO-Pascal (Release 2)
SKL72Acornsoft Fortran 77 (Release 2)
SKL80ANSI C (Release 3)
SKM07Acornsoft Viewsheet Master Compact & Archimedes 3.5disc
SKM17Acornsoft ViewIndex Master Compact & Archimedes 3.5disc
SKM19Acornsoft Comal Master Compact & Archimedes 3.5disc
SKM27Acornsoft ViewStore Master Compact & Archimedes 3.5disc
SKM28Acornsoft Viewspell Master Compact & Archimedes 3.5disc
SKM31Acornsoft View Master Compact & Archimedes 3.5disc
SKP41Archimedes Ansi C
SKP42Archimedes ISO-Pascal
SKP43Archimedes Fortran 77
SKP50Archimedes View Professional
SKP60Special Access pack
SKS02Learning Curve Pack (when supplied with a system only)
SKS03Home Office Pack (when supplied with a system only)
SKS04Home Office Pack (when supplied with a system only)
SKS05Learning Curve Pack (when supplied with a system only)
SKS77Acorn Advance off-site disc pack (site licence)
SKY011st Word Plus (site licence)
SKY03Logistix (site licence)
SKY05ANSI C (site licence)
SKY07Acornsoft ISO-Pascal (Release 2) (site licence)
SKY09Acornsoft Fortran 77 (Release 2) (site licence)
SKY11Assembler (site licence)
SKY13Software Developer's Toolbox (site licence)
SKY15TWIN (site licence)
SKY17Acorn Desktop Publisher (site licence)
SKY29ANSI C (Release 3) (site licence)
SKY32TCP/IP Protocol Suite (site licence)
SKY60Additional 25 NT User Licences
SKY75Acorn Desktop C (site licence)
SKY76Acorn Desktop Assembler (site licence)
SKY77Acorn Advance Sescondary Licence (site licence)
SKY78Acorn Advnace Primary Licence (site licence)
SKY81Acorn Advance Single user upgrade
SKY82Acorn Advance Primary site upgrade
SKY83Acorn Advance Secondary site upgrade
SLB01Acornsoft Desk Diary for Electron
SLB05Acornsoft Personal Money Management for Electron
SLE03Acornsoft Business Games for Electron
SLE04Acornsoft Tree of Knowledge for Electron
SLE05Acornsoft Word Hunt for Electron
SLE06Acornsoft Word Sequencing for Electron
SLE07Acornsoft Sentence Sequencing for Electron
SLE08Acornsoft Number Balance for Electron
SLE09Acornsoft Missing Signs for Electron
SLE22Acornsoft Talkback for Electron
SLE23Acornsoft Workshop for Electron
SLG01Acornsoft Philosopher's Quest for Electron
SLG04Acornsoft Snapper for Electron
SLG07Acornsoft Sphinx Adventure for Electron
SLG10Acornsoft Chess for Electron
SLG11Acornsoft Maze for Electron
SLG13Acornsoft Meteors for Electron
SLG14Acornsoft Arcadians for Electron
SLG15Acornsoft Planetoid for Electron
SLG17Acornsoft Castle of Riddles for Electron
SLG20Acornsoft Draughts & Reversi for Electron
SLG21Acornsoft Snooker for Electron
SLG22Acornsoft Starship Command for Electron
SLG23Acornsoft Hopper for Electron
SLG26Acornsoft Crazy Tracer for Electron
SLG28Acornsoft Free Fall for Electron
SLG31Acornsoft Boxer for Electron
SLG38Acornsoft Elite for Electron
SLG42Acornsoft Go for Electron
SLG46Acornsoft Magic Mushrooms for Electron
SLL01Acornsoft Forth for Electron
SLL02Acornsoft Lisp for Electron
SLL07Acornsoft Turtle Graphics for Electron
SLL08Acornsoft S-Pascal for Electron
SLX01Acornsoft Creative Graphics for Electron
SLX02Acornsoft Graphs & Charts for Electron
SLX03Acornsoft Picture Maker for Electron
SLX10Acornsoft Complete Cocktail Maker for Electron
SLX11Acornsoft Paul Daniels' Magic Show for Electron
SLX17Acornsoft Watch your Weight for Electron
SLX18Acornsoft Me & My Micro for Electron
SMA01NC Blank Smart card
SNB06Acornsoft Database 5.25disc
SNB08Acornsoft Invoicing 5.25disc
SNB09Acornsoft Mailing System 5.25disc
SNB10Acornsoft Accounts Receivable 5.25disc
SNB11Acornsoft Stock Control 5.25disc
SNB12Acornsoft Order Processing 5.25disc
SNB13Acornsoft Accounts Payable 5.25disc
SNB14Acornsoft Purchasing 5.25disc
SNB16Acornsoft Printer Driver Generator Disc 5.25disc
SNB17Acornsoft Viewindex 5.25disc
SNB18Acornsoft Micros in Business: Spreadsheet, Wordprocessor, Database, Planner, Personnel 5.25disc
SNB29Acornsoft Viewplot 5.25disc
SNB33Acornsoft View Professional ROM, 5.25disc & 3.5disc
SNE02Acorn Peeko-Computer 5.25disc
SNE04Acornsoft Tree of Knowledge 5.25disc
SNE05Acornsoft Word Hunt 5.25disc
SNE08Acornsoft Number Balance 5.25disc
SNE09Acornsoft Missing Signs 5.25disc
SNE12Acornsoft Chemical Analysis 5.25disc
SNE13Acornsoft Chemical Simulations 5.25disc
SNE14Acornsoft Chemical Structures 5.25disc
SNE15Acornsoft Jars 5.25disc
SNE18Acornsoft Spooky Manor 5.25disc
SNE22Acornsoft Talkback 5.25disc
SNE23Acornsoft Workshop 5.25disc
SNE24Acornsoft ABC 5.25disc
SNE25Acornsoft Education Compendium (Spooky Manor, Talkback, Workshop, ABC)
SNG01Acornsoft Philosopher's Quest 5.25disc
SNG02Acornsoft Aviator 5.25disc
SNG03Acornsoft Monsters 5.25disc
SNG04Acornsoft Snapper 5.25disc
SNG05Acornsoft Rocket Raid 5.25disc
SNG07Acornsoft Sphinx Adventure 5.25disc
SNG11Acornsoft Maze 5.25disc
SNG15Acornsoft Planetoid 5.25disc
SNG16Acornsoft Super Invaders 5.25disc
SNG18Acornsoft Missile Base 5.25disc
SNG19Acornsoft Countdown to Doom 5.25disc
SNG21Acornsoft Snooker 5.25disc
SNG22Acornsoft Starship Command 5.25disc
SNG23Acornsoft Hopper 5.25disc
SNG26Acornsoft Crazy Tracer 5.25disc
SNG27Acornsoft Drogna 5.25disc
SNG28Acornsoft Free Fall 5.25disc
SNG29Acornsoft Meteor Mission 5.25disc
SNG31Acornsoft Boxer 5.25disc
SNG33Acornsoft Volcano 5.25disc
SNG34Acornsoft Black Box & Gambit 5.25disc
SNG35Acornsoft Bouncer 5.25disc
SNG37Acornsoft Acheton 5.25disc
SNG38Acornsoft Elite 5.25disc
SNG39Acornsoft Firebug 5.25disc
SNG40Acornsoft Quondam 5.25disc
SNG41Acornsoft Labyrinth 5.25disc
SNG42Acornsoft Go 5.25disc
SNG43Acornsoft Revs 5.25disc
SNG44Acornsoft Revs+ 4 Tracks 5.25disc
SNG46Acornsoft Magic Mushrooms 5.25disc
SNG47Acornsoft Elite for B, B+, Master & 6502 2nd processor 5.25disc
SNG48Acornsoft Master Revs+ 4 Tracks disc
SNG49Acornsoft Hits 1
SNG50Acornsoft Hits 2
SNG53Repton 2
SNG54Karate Kombat
SNG55Stryker's Run
SNG56Repton 3
SNG64Superior Collection 1
SNG67Superior Collection 2
SNG59Grand Prix Construction Set
SNG71Code Name: Droid Stryker's Run Part 2
SNG73Around the World in 40 screens
SNG77Crazee Rider
SNG79Palace of Magic
SNG80Play it again Sam
SNG82Life of Repton
SNL01Acornsoft Forth 5.25disc
SNL02Acornsoft Lisp 5.25disc
SNL03Acornsoft BCPL ROM & 5.25disc
SNL04Acornsoft Microtext 5.25disc
SNL05Acornsoft 6502 Development Package 5.25disc
SNL07Acornsoft Turtle Graphics 5.25disc
SNL08Acornsoft S-Pascal 5.25disc
SNL28Acornsoft C 5.25disc
SNL09Acornsoft Lisp Demonstration Programs 5.25disc
SNL10Acornsoft BCPL Calculations Package 5.25disc
SNL12Acornsoft BCPL Stand Alone Generator 5.25disc
SNL18Acornsoft ISO-Pascal ROM
SNL24Acornsoft ISO-Pascal Stand Alone Generator 5.25disc
SNL28C 5.25disc
SNX26Acornsoft Creative Sound 5.25disc
SNY31Acornsoft View 3.0 (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY07Acornsoft ViewSheet (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY27Acornsoft ViewStore (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY28Acornsoft ViewSpell (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY17Acornsoft ViewIndex (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY29Acornsoft ViewPlot (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY23Acornsoft Termulator (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY14Acornsoft LISP (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY16Acornsoft MicroProlog (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY18Acornsoft ISO-Pascal (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY19Acornsoft Comal (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY22Acornsoft BASIC Editor (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY01Acornsoft Forth (Master & Compact site Licence)
SNY38Acornsoft C (Master & Compact site Licence)
SPX04ROSC iX Unlimited User Licence
SPX02R140 System Administrators' Guide
SPX03R140 Programmers Reference Manuals
SPX20RISC iX Discless Distribution Kit
SPX21RISC iX User Guide (Edition 2)
SPX22RISC iX System Administrator's Guide (Edition 2)
SPX23RISC iX X.Desktop Guide (Edition 2)
SPX24RISC iX X Window System Admin Guide
SPX25RISC iX Programmer's Reference Manuals
SQB30Acornsoft Overview
SQL06Acornsoft Logo Master cartridge
SQL14Acornsoft Lisp Master cartridge
SQL23Acornsoft Master Termulator
SQL18Acornsoft ISO-Pascal Master cartridge
SRP00StrongARM Risc PC with return to base warranty and Non-StrongARM Risc PCs with on site warranty
SRP01StrongARM Risc PC 5year warranty
SRP05200MHz StrongARM Risc PC 10MB HD1GB
SRP06200MHz StrongARM Risc PC 10MB HD1GB 8xCD
SRP10200MHz StrongARM Risc PC 4MB HD1.2GB
SRP11200MHz StrongARM Risc PC 4MB HD1.2GB 8xCD
SRP15200MHz StrongARM Risc PC 10MB HD1.2GB
SRP16200MHz StrongARM Risc PC 10MB HD1.2GB 8xCD
SRP20233MHz StrongARM Risc PC 4MB HD1.2GB
SRP20a233MHz StrongARM Risc PC 4MB HD1.7GB
SRP21233MHz StrongARM Risc PC 4MB HD1.2GB 8xCD
SRP26160MHz StrongARM Risc PC
SRP35233MHz StrongARM Risc PC
SRP41J233 JAVA Risc PC
SUB29Acornsoft ViewPlot 3.5disc
SUB30Acornsoft OverView 3.5disc
SUG50Acornsoft Revs+ 4 Tracks 3.5disc
SUG51Acornsoft Hits 1 (Magic Mushrooms, Planetoid, Maze Rocket Raid) 3.5disc
SUG52Acornsoft Hits 2 (Starship Command, Arcadians, Meteors, Labyrinth) 3.5disc
SUG53Speech 3.5disc
SUG54Citadel 3.5disc
SUG55Repton 2 3.5disc
SUG56Karate Kombat 3.5disc
SUG57Stryker's Run 3.5disc
SUG59Galaforce 3.5disc
SUG60Elite 3.5disc
SUG61Repton 3 3.5disc
SUG73Around the Worls in 40 Screens 3.5disc
SUG64Superior Collection 1 3.5disc
SUG67Superior Collection 2 3.5disc
SUG69Grand Prix Construction Set 3.5disc
SUG71Codename: Droid Stryker's Run Part 2 3.5disc
SUG77Crazee Rider 3.5disc
SUG79Palace of Magic
SUG80Play it again Sam
SUG82Life of Repton
STB20Online Media Set Top Box 2
TAT01Light Grey Polo Shirt
TAT02Acorn mugs (1 pair)
TAT03Acorn Parker Pen
TNS10Modem NC (28.8 kbps)
TNS11Ethernet NC (10baseT)
TSA22Support Charge for R225
TSA26Support Charge for R260
TSA333yr extended warrenty & on site service for A3010, A3020FD
TSA343yr extended warrenty & on site service for A3020HD, A4000
TSA353yr extended warrenty & on site service for A5000 inc network models
TSA361yr on site service for A3010, A3020 and A4000
TSA371yr on-site service for A5000
TSA413 yr warranty and on-site support A4
UNB09BBC Model B with disc interface, Econet & Speech (US model)
UNX01R140 Workstation
UNX22R225 Discless Workstation
UNX26R260 8Mbyte Workstation
XBE10Acornsoft Facemaker
XBE11Acornsoft Hide & Seek
XBE12Acornsoft Let's Count
XBE13Acornsoft Number Gulper
XBE14Acornsoft Number Puzzler
XBE15Acornsoft Number Chaser
XBE16Acornsoft Children from Space
XBE17Acornsoft Cranky
XBE18Acornsoft Table Adventures
XBE19Acornsoft Words Words Words
XBE26Acornsoft Podd
XBE27Acornsoft Jungle Puzzle
XBE28Acornsoft Squeeze
XBX01Acornsoft Theatre Quiz Sheridan Morley
XBX02Acornsoft Crime & Detection Quiz
XBX03Acornsoft Music Quiz Steve Race
XBX04Acornsoft History Quiz John Julius Norwich
XBX05Acornsoft Science Fiction Quiz Brian Aldis
XBX06Acornsoft Royal Quiz Anthony Holden
XBX07Acornsoft ''. . I Do' Hans J Eysenck
XBX08Acornsoft The Dating Game Dr. Glenn Wilson
XBX09Acornsoft Revise GCE/CSE Mathematics 1
XBX10Acornsoft Revise GCE/CSE Mathematics 2
XBX11Acornsoft Revise GCE/CSE Biology
XBX12Acornsoft Revise GCE/CSE English