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What's New


Since Chris's Acorns is getting regular additions and updates, this page provides a summary of the latest updates.

What's New Archive

2013 Updates

7 July 2013: Added APP611 Dealer List, APP676 Dealer List, APP914 Dealer List, APP883 A Parents Guide to Computing, APP902 Products and Services Issue 2 and APP914 Arc Issue 10.
 11 August 2013: Update collection of Toch documents added: Quick Reference Card, Communications Guide, Softweare Catalog March 1984, Executive's Aid, Programmer's Guide, ZEP100 User Guide and converted to PDF Searchable format UserFault Report, User Guide, System Guide and ZDP User Guide. Added Sidelight magazine (a subscription magazine for Torch users) Volumes 1 Issues 1, 2 &3.
Added Acorn Brochures: App789 ARC Issue 7, APP802 Retail Price List Jan1995, APP847 Downloadinf Software from Acorn's FTP Server and APP852 Retail Price LIst May 1995.