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Since Chris's Acorns is getting regular additions and updates, this page provides a summary of the latest updates.

What's New Archive

2012 Updates

1 December 2012: Updated to PDF Searchable Image Acorn Scientific Cambridge LISP, C, ISO-PASCAL, FORTRAN77, 320000 Assebler, BBC BASIC, Guide to Operations, Programmers Reference Manual. Added PANOS Technical Reference Manual, SPICE Release Notice and SPICE User's Guide.

11 November 2012: Added Acorn OEM TWIN reference manual to Documents>Acorn>OEM.
Added Acorn Scientific Cambridge CoProcessor Function Key book to Documents>FnKeys
Added Acorn PC ARM Co-Processor to 8 Bit Upgrades

10 November 2012: Updated from PDF Image to PDF Searchable Image format: Acorn OEM ARM Cambridge LISP Reference Manual, Acorn OEM ARM Fortran 77 Reference Manual, Acorn OEM ARM Prolog Reference Manual.
Added Computer Concepts Termi, Icon Technology EasiWriter and Tech Writer To Function Keys
Added Acorn APP604 Acorn UK Retail Prices 21st Edition November 1993 to brochures.

4 November 2012: Updated from PDF Image to PDF Searchable image format: Acorn OEM ARM System User Guide, ARM Assembler Reference Manual, ARM Hardware Reference Manual, ARM Software Reference Manual, ARM Utilities Reference Manual and BBC BASIC Reference Manual.
Added Acorn VIDC datasheet to Acorn>Docs>Misc
Added GEC Plessey VIDC20 Datasheet to Docs> GSC Pleasey
Added BBC Domesday and Acorn Twin FnKey strip to Docs>FnKeyStrips (a new directory)
Added an Acorn Christmas Card, unknown year, to Ephemera.
Added 4mation bag, ANT internet Suite Release 2 bag, Clares Micro Systems, Clares 10 years of Excellence bag and Colton Wordz Plastic Bag to Ephemera  

21 October 2012: Added AMP51 Folder, APP12 Acornsoft Logo, APP285 Teacher Training Case Study 1, APP386 Acorn Computer Products, APP499 MEU, APP508 User News Issue 1, App740 Working with your computer, APP744 Pocket Book II, APP744 Pocket Book Desktop Links, APP745 Pocket Book Range, APP786 Intertalk. APP822 Access+, APP856 Acorn World 95.
Updated Acorn Communicator Filestore Manager's Guide to searchable image format.
Added Acornsoft Progrsm Spring 1983, More from the micro with BCPL, Pocket Book Range Price List and Risc PC National Education Launch Events to documents>Acorn>Misc.
Added BBC MIcroComputer with Added Processor and Teletext Adaptor to documents>BBC
Added FPA10 Datasheet to docs>GECPlessey.
Added Jafa RS423 Cartridge Interface User Guide to documentsa>Jafa
Added PRES Advanced Battery backed RAM user Guide to documents>PRES
Added RisacOS London Show 2012 to Documents>Acorn>Acorn computer shows.
Added RISC OS London Show Banner.