Acorn A500 Keyboard

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This keyboard is from the Acorn A500 , the Archimedes prototype. It is very different from other Archimedes keyboards, reportedly this is because it was designed for the Acorn ARX operating system which was abandoned before it was completed and Arthur was used instead.

Acorn A500 keyboard top

 Acorn A500 keyboard (top)

The Acorn A500 Keyboard has only 10 function keys instead of 13 on the Archimedes. It also lacks Escape and Control keys.

Acorn A500 Keyboard back

 Acorn A500 keyboard (back)

The Acorn A500 keyboard has a 9pin socket on the left which the mouse is connected to. Next to it is the Reset button. Last is the cable which ends in a standard BT telephone plug.

Acorn A500 Keyboard bottom

Acorn A500 keyboard ( bottom)