32bit Upgrades and Expansions - by Function

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Function Index

This index categorises 32bit Upgrades by function. The functions are:

Disc & CD-ROM Drives
Floppy disc interfaces
Graphics & Multimedia cards
IDE Interfaces
Memory and ROM Upgrades
Mice, Joysticks etc.
MIDI & Sound cards
Multipurpose cards
Network components
PC Cards
Printer Interfaces
SCSI Interfaces
Serial cards
ST506 (MFM) Disc Controllers
USB Interfaces 

Backplanes     [Back to Index ]

CPUs     [Back to Index ]

Digitisers     [Back to Index ]

Disc & CD-ROM Drives     [Back to Index ]

Floppy disc interfaces     [Back to Index ]

Genlock     [Back to Index ]

Graphics & Multimedia cards     [Back to Index ]

IDE Interfaces     [Back to Index ]

Keyboards     [Back to Index ]

Memory & ROM Upgrades     [Back to Index ]

Mice, Joysticks etc     [Back to Index ]

MIDI & Sound cards     [Back to Index ]

Miscellaneous     [Back to Index ]

Modems     [Back to Index ]

Multipurpose cards     [Back to Index ]

Network Components     [Back to Index ]

PC cards     [Back to Index ]

Details of the available RiscPC PCcards from Acorn, Aleph1 and CJE Micros are on the Acorn Cybervillage site under X86 card. The !PC software to condigure and run a PCcard in a RiscPC is available from the Aleph1 web site.

Printers     [Back to Index ]

Printer Interfaces     [Back to Index ]

Scanners     [Back to Index ]

SCSI Interfaces     [Back to Index ]

Serial cards     [Back to Index ]

ST506 (MFM) Controllers     [Back to Index ]

 USB Interfaces     [Back to Index ]