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  Acorn ARM610 CPU

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Acorn ARM610 CPU prototype front 

 Acorn ARM610 CPU prototype (front)

 Prototype ARM610 CPU card with GPS P611ARMPR CPU clocked at 30MHz. The "ISS. C" shows it is a prototype (or pre-production) because Acorn used issue letters for development hardware and issue numbers for production hardware.

 Acorn ARM610 CPU prototype (back)

Acorn ARM610 CPU prototype (back) 

Acorn 30 MHz ARM610 CPU front

Acorn 30MHz ARM610 CPU (front)

 Production ARM610 CPU card with GPS P610ARM-D PR CPU clocked at 30MHz.

Acorn 30MHz ARM610 CPU back 

 Acorn 30MHz ARM610 CPU (back)

 Acorn ARM610 33MHz CPU front

Acorn 33MHz ARM610 CPU (front) 

 Production ARM610 CPU card with GPS P610ARM-B KG CPU clocked at 33MHz. Fitted to late model Risc PC 600s, it gave approximately 10% performance improvement.   

Acorn ARM610 33MHz CPU back 

Acorn 33MHz ARM610 CPU (back) 

 Acorn ARM610 CPU Spinner

Acorn ARM610 CPU "Spinner" (bottom) 

Acorn ARM610 Spinner top

 Acorn ARM610 CPU "Spinner" (top)

ARM610 CPU card design to be mounted horizontally for use in the Online Media Set Top Box STB1.

The 30MHz ARM610 CPU is the standard CPU card in the Risc PC 600. The later models (ACB6nn), which were launched at the same time as the Risc PC 700, had a 33MHz ARM610 CPU. The ARM610 was made by GEC Plessey Semiconduction (GPS), one of ARM's many licencees.