Acorn Mouse (Type 2)

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Acorn Mouse Type 2 top

 Acorn Mouse (Type 2) (top)

Acorn Mouse Type 2 bottom

 Acorn Mouse (Type 2) (bottom)

Acorn Mouse Type 2 inside

 Acorn Mouse (Type 2) with top removed

This 3 button mouse replaced the Archimedes Mouse (Type 1)  and was shipped with the A5000, and maybe with the A3000, so I have called it the Acorn Mouse (Type 2), The mouse is made by Logitech and is a model M-PF7. The Acorn part number is 183,180.
The pictures show:

  1. The top of the mouse showing the 3 buttons.
  2. The bottom of the mouse showing the Logitech label, the Acorn serial number (25-ALB12-1014659 - ALB12 is the product code for an A5000), the mouse ball with a removable collar which enables you to clean it and the 4 circular plastic pads which the mouse slides on.
  3. The mouse with the top cover removed showing mouse cable termination at the top, the 3 switches which detect the button clicks and the ball, rollers and sensors at the bottom.