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Acorn Risc PC Test Boards

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Acorn EASI Bus Test board top

 Acorn EASI Bus Test board (top)

Acorn EASI Bus Test Board bottom

 Acorn EASI Bus Test board (bottom) 

Acorn Genlock Test board top

Acorn Genlock Test board (top) 

Acorn Genlock Test board bottom

 Acorn Genlock Test board (bottom)

Acorn Network Test board top

 Acorn Network Test board (top)

Acorn Network Test board bottom

Acorn Network Test board (bottom) 

I bought these 3 boards from CJE Micros in November 2009. I was told that the had come from Acorn via Castle and were sold to CJE Micros as part of a clearance once manufacture of Risc PC has ended. They appear to be Acorn test equipment to diagnose p[roblems in Risc PCs. How they work or what exactly they do I have no idea, so if anyone knows about them or used them at Acorn I would love to know more...

EASI Bus Test

The board is marked EASI BUS TEST 0197,204 Iss. B and has serial number 9520/004. The Acorn Expansion bus enabled expansion cards (a.k.a. podules) to be attached to Acorn computers from the Archimedes to the A7000. The Acorn Extended Address Space Interface (EASI) is part of the DMA Extended Bus Interface (DEBI) in a Risc PC. This defined the interface for expansion cards to communicate with the computer (see Acorn Enhanced Expansion Card Specification for the details).

Genlock Test PCB

The board is marked GENLOCK TEST PCB 0197,218 Iss. A and has serial number GLIFTC 9520/003. The Risc PC has a Genlock interface for video expansion cards.

Network Test

The board is marked NETWORK TEST 0297,214 and has serial number NIC-B 002. The Risc PC Network interface supported both Econet and Ethernet cards.