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Aleph1 486PC Expansion card

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 Aleph1 486PC Expansion card top 

Aleph1 486 PC Expansion card (top)

Aleph1 486PC Expansion card back 

 Aleph1 486 Expansion card (back)

 Aleph1 486 Expansion card bottom

Aleph1 486 Expansion card (bottom) 

The Aleph1 PC Expansion card (revision 1) provided a comple PC on a podule card complete with 1MB or 4MB RAM and an optional 387 FPU which is fitted in the socket on the 486 card, in the middle on the bottom of top picture. The 486 Expansion card has a Cyrix 486SLC25 and a 1MB or 4 MB SIMM It has its own serial and parallel ports (see picture of back). The PC Expansion card enabled an Archimedes to run MSDOS or Windows 3.1 in a RISC OS window.

This Aleph1's datasheet for the PC Expansion Card . It describes both the 386 and the 486 PC Expansion card.

The Aleph1 PC Expansion Cards User Guide (Issue5) is available HERE .

Here is the Aleph1 !PC r2.06sf  software to configure and run the PC expansion card.