Eesox Fast SCSI 2 Interface

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The Eesox Fast SCSI 2 Interface is one of the last generation of SCSI cards for Acorn computers, along with the Castle and Cumana SCSI 2 interfaces. These were faster that the previous SCSI cards.

The Eesox Fast SCSI 2 Interface can be used in any Acorn computer that can be fitted with a standard podule, however only the Risc PC and A7000 range support DMA. Without DMA the interface will be slower but still run. The interface will work with any SCSI 1, 2 or 3 disc drive, CDROm drive or removable media drive without additional software. The Eesox Fast SCSI 2 interface has a comprehensive manual and support applications to configure and control the interface.

The Eesox SCSIDirector support disc is HERE.
The Eesox Fast SCS-2 Interface Installation and User Guide is HERE.