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  HCCS A3020 Ultimate Expansion

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HCCS A3020 Ultimate expansion (top) 

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 HCCS A3020 Ultimate expansion (back)

The HCCS A3020 Ultimate Expansion system has 3 slots for HCCS micro-podules and a BBC User port. The serial number is ULT3020-102167 and the ROM version is ULTIMATE MP A3020 Version G. I don't know if this would work with an A3000 or A3010, but it might (have to try it!). The micro podules are the same as those used with the HCCS Archimedes Ultimate Expansion, but the card can support 3 micro podules, instead of the 2 on the Archimedes version, because it is wider.

There is a power in connection (probably 5V DC) to power connected devices (e.g. a 2.5" IDE Disc) because there is insufficient power on the expansion bus. Whether the external power is required will depend on what you have connected.

For some micro podules see HCCS in 32 bit Upgrades.

I dont have any documentation