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  HCCS IDE Interface Bus

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HCCS IDE Interface Bus top 

 HCCS IDE Interface Bus (top)

HCCS IDE Interface Bus back 

 HCCS IDE Interface Bus (back)

 HCCS IDE Interface Bus (bottom)

 HCCS IDE Interface Bus (bottom)

HCCS IDE Interface bus allows IDE discs to be fitted to Archimedes range computers, and may also work in an A5000 or RiscPC, This podule is designed to take a 2.5", laptop, disc drives on board (not fitted) and also provide a second IDE connector for an internal disc. The circuit board has the holes for an external connector but it is not fitted and the blanking plate is left intact.
The circuit board is labeled "A5000 IDE Issue 3". The ROM label reads "Armstrong Walker Ltd IDE A400 Version 5.00".

Here is the HCCS IDE Manager, which enables you to configure the card.