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  Irlam Instruments RiscTV

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Irlam Instruments RiscTV top 

Irlam Instruments RiscTV (top) 

Irlam Instruments RiscTV back 

 Irlam Instruments RiscTV (back)

 Irlam Instruments RiscTV bottom

Irlam Instruments RiscTV (bottom) 

The Irlam Instruments RiscTV podule allows you to use you computer as a televison, with the screen in a window. The sockets from left to right (see middle picture) are Composite Video in, RGB Out, S-VHS in, Audio out, UHF arial. The white cable is for RGB in. The composite video in can be used to connect an external video source (e.g. video recorder or camcorder). The S-VHS input can also be used to connect external video 9e.g. video recorder or camcorder)
The RGB in (white) cable (see top picture) plugs into the monitor socket on the computer and the monitor is plugged into the RGB out socket on the card (second from left in middle picture). The grey ribbon cable plugs into the video connector on the motherboard (LK13 on a RiscPC). The TV arial plugs into the UHF arial socket on the card (first scoket on right).
I installed the RiscTV card in my RiscPC600 during the summer so that I could watch the Ashes test series while working. it worked very well.