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LTC Time Code Reader Mk II

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LTC Time Code Reader Mk II (top)

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LTC Time Code Reader Mk II (bottom)

This is an SMPTE LTC (Longitudinal TimeCode) reader podule for use with Acorn computers such as A5000 and Risc PC using a standard Acorn podule connector. The card requires an OTARI I-OO55 LTC chip to be added to the IC 6 socket on the board before it can actually be used to read code.

I am not sure who the manufacturer of this card is. The only evidence is that both the module and card appear to come from "LTC". However I suspect LTC actually means Linear (or Longitudinal) Timecode  which encodes SMPTE timecode  data.

SMPTE timecode is a set of standards to label individual frames of video or film with a timecode. Timecodes are added to film, video or audio material, and have also been used to synchronise music. They provide a time reference for editing, synchonisation and identification. Timecode is a form of media metadata.

I have no documentation or software for the LTV Time Code Reader MkII.