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  Lingenuity SCSI interface

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Lingenuity SCSI Interface top 

Lingenuity SCSI Interface (top)

 Lingenuity SCSI Interface back

 Lingenuity SCSI Interface (back)

 Lingenuity SCSI Interface bottom

 Lingenuity SCSI Interface (bottom)

 Lingenuity SCSI Issue 1.02 top

 Lingenuity SCSI Interface Issue 1.02 (top)

Lingenuity SCSI Issue 1.02 back 

 Lingenuity SCSI Interface Issue 1.02 (back)

Lingenuioty SCSI Issue 1.02 bottom 

 Lingenuity SCSI Interface Issue 1.02 (bottom)

The Lingenuity SCSI interface is a SCSI I interface dated 1989. There appear to be 2 versions of the interface, both dated 1989.

  1. The first picture shows the interface manufactured by Avie Electronics with a 25pin D external socket. It has an AM5380PC SCSI-1 8bit controller and a Lingenuity SCSI ROM Issue 1.8
  2. 2 Back of the SCSI interface showing the 25pin D socket
  3. The bottom of the SCSI interface
  4. The forth picture shows the second interace, Issue 1.02, Manufactured by Wild Vision. It also has an AM5380PC 8bit SCSI-1 controller and an Acorn SCSI/CDFS ROM. It has an 50pin interface.
  5. The back of the SCSI interace showing the socket.
  6. The bottom of the SCSI Interface.

The Lingenuity SCSI Interface software is available HERE. 
The Installation instructions for the Lingenuity SCSI Interface card are available HERE .