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  Millipede Prisma3

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 Millipede Prisma3 front

Millipede Prisma3 (front) 

Millipede Prisma3 right side 

Millipede Prisma3 (right side) 

 Millipede Prisma3 back

 Millipede Prisma3 (back)

Millipede Prisma3 open 

Millipede Prisma3 with top cover removed

Millipede Prisma3 main board 

Millipede Prisma3 main board 

Millipede Prisma3 and podule 

Millipede Prisma3 and podule 

Millipede Prisma3 podule top 

Millipede Prisma3 podule (top)

 Millipede Prisma3 podule bottom

Millipede Prisma3 podule (bottom) 

 Millipede Prisma3 podule back

Millipede Prisma3 podule (back) 

Millipede Prisma 3 Graphics system was almost the ultimate TV graphics add on for use, originally with the BBC B and later, for A300 / A400 / Risc PC series computers running RISC OS 3. The system is an 8 bit RGB 768 pixel x 574 lines interlaced display which is fully broadcast genlockable. It is supplied as an external mains powered system box, with a podule control card connected by 50 way ribbon cable. The system had a 64 bit internal graphics bus for high speed graphics processingand a Hitachi HD63484P98 9.8MHz Advanced CRFT controller, the large IC on the right of the motherboard. It has 6 MB RAM which could be used to provide up to 14 frames worth of animation.

 I bought this system from Paul Middleton of Uniqueway who said that the system was one of a number used to provide graphics for the 1992 General Election coverage on BBC Wales / S4C.

The podule interface software is not compatible with RISC OS 4, though later versions of the software may be available may be available from Millipede.

I do not have any application software for the Prisma3.
I do not have any documentation for the Prisma3.

The pictures show:

  1. The front of the Prisma3 system box.
  2. The right hand side of the Prisma3 system box, the left hand side is the same.
  3. The back of the Prisma3 system box showing the interfaces. From left to right you can see the Power in and on/off switch, the Archimedes Bus input for connection to the control podule, with the BBC 1MHz bus in and out beneath, air filter and on the right the TV input and output.
  4. The Prisma3 with the top cover removed, showing the main board, power supply and connections to the back.
  5. The Prisma3 main board. A Hi-Res version of this picture is available HERE.
  6. The Prisma3 control podule on top of the system box to show the size of the system box.
  7. The top of the podule
  8. The bottom of the podule.
  9. The back of the podule and connector for the cable to the system box.