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Morley Analogue and User Interface

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Morley Analogue user interface top 

 Morley Analogue and User interface (top)

 Morley Analogue user interface back

  Morley Analogue and User interface (back)

Morley Analogue User interface bottom 

  Morley Analogue and User interface (tbottom)

 The Morley Electronics Analogue and User interface is a podule suitable for the Acorn Archimedes A300, A400, A500 and A5000. This card is Batch 9 Serial 465 and the ROM is labeled Morley Electronics Ltd UA EPROM V2.01.
The User port is supported by a 65C22 VIA and the Analogue port by an NEC D7002C Analogue to Digital converter.
The circuit board is marked Morley User/Midi/Analogue Interface and there a sockets for 3 additional ICs, but there are no MIDI sockets nor space for them. The ROM only supports user and analogue ports. I am not sure if this podule actually supported Midi.

The instruction manual for Morley Analogue & User Interface is available HERE .