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Oak Solutions A3020/A4000 ClassROM

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Oak Solutions ClassRom is designed for use in a school environment. The structure of RISC OS applications and system resources stored on a hard disc is important and if any important files are overwritten or deleted, this could stop the system working. As hard discs are read/write devices this means that there is no protection of the applications from the user (child).

ClassRom is a system of protecting hard discs. It partitions the disc in two separate areas; one which is protected (the Applications partition) and one which is read/write (the User partition). All applications, system resources and fonts are stored in the Applications partition. They are accessible to users but cannot be changed or deleted. The User partition is used for temporary file storage.

The school IT Coordinator has a management disc which allows the Application partition to be unlocked in order for new applications to be added or old ones deleted. The software is password protected.

ClassRom is available as an upgrade for Oak Solutions SCSI cards or as a small plug in board for A5000 IDE drives or A300/400 series ADFS drives .

This card is the A3020/A4000 ClassROM which fits in the network slot on an A3020 or A4000.