Ro,bo Productions Vidi-Archimedes

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Rombo Vidi-Archimedes back 

 Rombo Vidi-Archimedes (back)

 Rombo Vidi-Archimedes side

 Rombo Vidi-Archimedes (side)

Rombo Vidi-Archimedes top 

 Rombo Vidi-Archimedes (top)

 Rombo Vidi-Archimsdes bottom

 Rombo Vidi-Archimedes (bottom)

The Rombo Productions Vidi-Archimedes video digitiser is in an external podule case for the A3000.

I have the manual and it is on the list to be scanned.
The Rombo productions Vidi-Archimedes Program disc  and Slideshow Disc  are in the software section.