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  SJ Research RiscPC Nexus card

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 SJResearch RiscPC Nexus card bottom

SJ Research RiscPC Nexus Card (Bottom)

 SJResearch RiscPC Nexus card back

SJ Research RiscPC Nexus Card (back)

SJResearch RiscPC Nexus card top 

SJ Research RiscPC Nexus card (top)

Although this card looks like an Ethernet NIC, it is not, it is a Nexus card as can be seen from the word "NEXUS" on the top of the card (see bottom picture). It cannot be used except in a Nexus network and I doubt if there are many of them around today!

This card looks like a later SJ Research product because it uses an RJ45 connector instaead of the mini-DIN connectors in earlier card. The ROM Is RISCPC 2.22.