Simtec RiscPC 1/2MB VRAM

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 Simtec 1/2MB VRAM front

Simtec 1/2MB VRAM (front)

Simtec 1/2MB VRAM Back 

Simtec 1/2MB VRAM (back)

 Simtec RiscPC 2MB VRAM front

 Simtec RiscPC 2MB VRAM (front)

Simtec RiscPC 2MB VRAM back 

 Simtec RiscPC 2MB VRAM (back)

Simtec RiscPC VRAM modules. The first from 1996 is a 1MB module upgradeable to 2MB by adding memory to the sockets on the back. The second from 2000 is a 2MB module. with just 4 chips instead of the 8 or16 on older models.