Simtec A300/A400 4-8MB Upgrade

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Simtec A300/A400 8MB Upgrade top 

 Simtec A300/A400 4-8MB Upgrade (top)

Simtec A300/A400 8MB Upgrade minus cable 

 Simtec A300/A400 4-8MB Upgrade (minus cable)

 Simtec A300/A400 8MB Upgrade bottom

 Simtec A300/A400 4-8MB Upgrade (bottom)

 Simtec A300/A400 8MB Upgrade RAM

Simtec A300/A400 4-8MB Upgrade showing RAM 

The Archimedes A300 and A400 computers have a maximum of 4MB memory which is the limit on all MEMC1 based computers). However, by adding a second MEMC1a, memory can be increased to 8MB. The pictures show:

  1. The two daughterboards, the 2 MEMC1a's on the left and the ROM/RAM board on the right, linked by a ribbon cable.
  2. The two boards with the ribbon cable removed. The MEMC1a's on top and the OS ROM/RAM board below. Note that RISC OS 3 is required.
  3. The bottom of the 2 boards showing the connections to the mothrboard. The MEMC1a board plugs into the motherboard MEMC1a socket, which is removed. The OS ROM/RAM board plugs into the 4 OS ROM sockets.
  4. The OS ROM/RAM carrier board with the OS ROMs removed showing the additional 4MB memory.

The Simtec installation instructions are available HERE