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Simtec USB 1.1 Host/Device Interface

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Simtec USB 1.1 Interface top 

 Simtec USB 1.1 Host/Device Interface (top)

 Simtec USB 1.1 interface back

  Simtec USB 1.1 Host/Device Interface (back)

Simtec USB 1.1 interface bottom 

 Simtec USB 1.1 Host/Device Interface (bottom) 

The Simtec USB interface is a 16 bit podule with 2 host ports and a device port. The USB interface works with most Acorn RISC OS computers from the A300/400 via the A5000 to the RiscPC. and is compatable with RISC OS 3.1 and higher The main features of the USB interface are:

The Universal Expansion card Fitting instructions are available HERE .
The documentation and software for the USB Interface are still available from the Simtec web site under legacy products