VTI User port and SCSI podule

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 VTi User port SCSI card

VTI user port SCSI podule

 VTI Userport SCSI top

 VTI user port SCSI podule (top)

 VTI Userport SCSI back

 VTI User port SCSI (back)

 VTI User port SCSI bottom

 VTI User port SCSI (bottom)

An interesting combination of BBC User port and SCSI interface. The SCSI cotroller is a Qlogic FAS216, the user port isdriven by a G65SC22. The ROMs are dated 1991 on the red card and 7/7/94 on the green one.

 The Vertical Twist SCSI Card and Drive User's Manual is available HERE.
The Vertical Twist SCSI Utilities disc is available HERE .