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  Watford Electronics A310 2MB Upgrade

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 WE A310 2MB upgrade

Watford Electronics A310 2MB Upgrade

 WE A310 2MB Upgrade RAM

Watford Electronics A310 2MB Upgrade MEMC1a board

 WE A310 2MB Upgrade VIDC

Watford Electronics A310 2MB Upgrade VIDC board

The Archimedes A310 was designed for a maximum of 1MB RAM. Although the MEMC could manage upto 4 MB, the address and control lines are missing for more than 1MB unlike the A400 and A400/1 range. Watford Electronics solution is to replace the MEMC with a daughter board with 2MB (or 4 MB) and plug it into the MEMC socket on the motherboard and to fit a secod daughterboard to the VIDC socket and access the required line via a ribbon cable. One disadvantage of this arrangement is that you could not fit an ARM3 upgrade. There is a plastic insulation sheet fixed to the back of the boards to prevent contact with other parts of the computer and especially the disc drive barcket.