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  Wild Vision 242/243A prototype board

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WildVision 243A + 242 top 

Wild Vision 243A prototype (top)

 WildVision 243A prototype top

Wild Vision 243A prototype without 242A daughterboard

WildVision 243 prototype back 

Wild Vision 243A prototype (back)

WildVision 243A prototype bottom 

Wild Vision 243A prototype (bottom)

 WildVision 242 daughterboard top

Wild Vision 242A daughterboard (top)

 Wild Vision 242A daughterboard bottom

 Wild Vision 242A daughterboard (bottom)

This card is a puzzle to me. It shows in *podules as Wild Vision 243A prototype (single digital channel) and loads a dummy module. The 242A daughterboard has a Triple 8bit 80MHz VIDEODAC, i.e. converts analogue video to digital. There is provision on the podule board for 3 daughterboards, but I am not sure how they would fit. There are enough engineering fixes (green wires) to suggest it is genuinely a prototype.. But what was the finished product (if it was finished) and what did it do?

If you can supply further information/documentation on this podule, please email me.