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Risc PC Computers

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In April 1994 Acorn launched the RiscPC 600, their first major hardware change since the launch of the A540 and the ARM3 CPU in 1990. The Risc PC 600 had a 30MHz ARM610 CPU and a new version of RISC OS (3.50) to support the new hardware (technical overview). The support chips, VIDC, MEMC and IOC ,were upgraded to the VIDC20 and IOMD. maximum memory was increase from 16MB on the A540 (with an MEMC for every 4 MB) to a maximum 256MB using DRAM SIMMs and optionally 1 or 2 MB of video memory could be installed. The Risc PC 600, for the first time, used a standard PC AT keyboard, but kept the proprietary Acorn 3 button mouse. Sound support was 8 channel, 8 bit. The basic Risc PC could support 2 podule cards and had a separate network interface for either Econet or Ethernet.

In September 1994 Acorn announced a CDROM drive for the Risc PC.

In February 1995 Acorn, in colaboration with Aleph1, announced the 486 PC Card for the Risc PC which enabled it to run DOS and Windows sharing the Risc PC screen, keyboard, mouse, memory and storage. With a 486 PC card, a Risc PC can run Windows in a RISC OS Window.

In July 1995 Acorn launched the Risc PC 700 with a faster 40MHz ARM710 CPU, Risc OS 3.60 and bigger hard drives. At the same time the Risc PC 600 was upgraded with a faster 33MHz ARM610 CPU.

In September 1996 Acorn launched the StrongARM Risc PC with a 202MHz StrongARM CPU, RISC OS 3.70 and bigger hard drives.

In September 1997 Acorn launched an upgraded StrongARM Risc PC with a 233MHz StrongARM CPU, RISC OS 3.71, more memory, a bigger hard disc and a CDROM.

Acorn produced upgrade packs which allowed Risc PC owners to upgrade to the latest specification with a new CPU card and new RISC OS version. Like many RiscPC owners, my Risc PC started out as a Risc PC 600 and was upgraded to a StrongARM CPU and Risc OS 3.70. Since then it has been further upgraded with an APDL Turbo 287MHz StrongARM CPU and RISCOS Ltd's Risc OS 6.

Documents and Manuals

Documents for a specific model such as promotional brochures can be found under the model (see below).

Here is the ART Risc PC  datasheet.

Here is the Risc PC Welcome Guide.

Here is the RISC PC Technical Reference Manual and Technical Drawings .

Risc PC Computers

Acorn produced the following Risc PC computer models: