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Acorn System Computers

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The Acorn System 3 is disc-based computer in a card frame. A minimum System 3 configuration is:

Additional cards can be added as required.

Acorn also produced a 6809 CPU  card to create a disc-based system running the FLEX OS.

Manuals and documents

Here is a brief description of FLEX for Acorn 6809 Systems .

System 3

I bought this System 3 in September 2004 from eBay. The computer came with FLEX OS manuals and discs but I have not yet got round to scanning or archiving them. The System 3 has:

Acorn System 3 front

 Acorn System 3 (front)

Acorn System 3 right side

 Acorn System 3 (right side)

Acorn System 3 bottom

 Acorn System 3 (bottom)

Acorn System 3 back

 Acorn System 3 (back)