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Acorn System 4

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The System 4 is disc-based computer housed in a double height rack with the capacity for up to 14 Eurocards. The minimum configuration is:

Additional Eurocards can be added if required.

Manuals and documents

Here is the brochure for the Acorn System 4 Computer .

I don't have any manuals for the System 4.

System 4

I do not have a complete System 4, but here is a picture from the Control Universal Catalogue:

Acorn System 4A

However I do have the System 4 case and some of the eurocards, donated by Ben Harris. The main items missing are the 2 disc drives that fit in the top rack. Also there is only an 8K static RAM card, as an Econet file server an additional 32 K would be nice. Finally there is no Operating System in ROM and I don't have the discs.

Acorn System 4

 Acorn System 4 case with some cards

 The Eurocards installed in the System 4, from left to right, are:

  1. 1MHZ 6502 CPU  which has a connector for a System keyboard  .
  2. 8K Static RAM 
  3. 40 Column VDU Interface 
  4. Econet 
  5. Universal Interface Board  (lacks faceplate)

The remaining cards are incomplete duplicates, except for the Bus Extender  on the far right.

Acorn System 4 case

 Acorn System 4 with card removed

Acorn System 4 without top card cage

 Acorn System 4 with the top cage removed

Acorn System 4 bottom card cage

 Acorn System 4 with card guides and power switch removed

Acorn 14 slot backplane

 Acorn 14-slot backplane

Acorn System 4 from top

 Acorn System 4 from top showing the power supply

Acorn System 4 Right side

 Acorn System 4 right hand side

Acorn System 4 (back)

 Acorn System 4 (back)

Acorn System 4 bottom

Acorn System 4 (bottom)