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  Acorn AEH14 Type 1 Econet Clock


AEH14 Type 1 Clock top 

AEH14 Type 1 Clock (top)

AEH14 Type 1 clock left 

AEH14 Type1 clock (left)

 AEH14 Type 1 clock right

AEH14 Type 1 Clock (right)

 AEH14 Type 1 clock (open)

AEH14 Type 1 clock with top off

AEH14 Type 1 Clock bottom 

AEH14 Type 1 Clock (bottom)

 AEH14 Type 1 clock psu

AEH14 Type 1 Clock 8V DC power supply

This was Acorn's first stand alone clock, previous clocks had been built into the Econet Interfaces. As you can see from the pictures, it has a single Econet socket on one side and the 8V DC power in on the other. The picture of the circuit board shows the row of links which are used to set the clocks timing.