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  Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge


Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge front 

Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge (front)

The Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge is mounted in one of Acorns classic "cheese wedges". An Econet Bridge connects two Econets together.

 Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge back

Acorn AEH20 Econet bridge (back)

In the picture of the back of the bridge, you can see the sockets for Econet A and Econet B, for the two Econet networks to be connected.

Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge bottom 

Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge (bottom)

The picture of the bottom, only shows the serial number on the white paper and a reset button (I assume) where most "cheese wedges" have a ribbon cable.

Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge open 

Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge (open)

The picture of open bridge, shows the standard "cheese wedge" Power Supply at the front, with the main circuit board behind it.

 Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge circuitboard

 Acorn AEH20 Econet Bridge (circuit board)

The last picture is a close up of the circuit board showing the 2 x MC68854P lin drives in the bottom left, The Bridge ROM is in the top right with the 6502 CPU next to it. In the bottom right is an 8K RAM chip and to the left is a set of links to set the network number for the two networks.

Here is a HiRes picture of the Econet Bridge circuit board .