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Acorn AEH52 Econet Upgrade for A3020/A4000


 AEH52 Econet Upgrade box

Acorn AEH52 Econet Upgrade box

 AEH52 Econet Upgrade open box

Acorn AEH52 Econet Upgrade open box

 A3020/A4000 Econet Module top

Acorn A3020/A4000 Econet Module (top)

 A3020/A4000 Econet Module bottom

Acorn A3020/A4000 Econet Module (bottom)

The Econet module for the A3020 and A4000 is very similar to its predecessor, the ADF10 Econet Module which was introduced with the Master. The main differences are that the module is a bit smaller and has shorter legs, this is so that it fits underneath a mini-podule. This module will work in a Master and vice versa.

Here are the A3020/A4000 Econet Installation instructions .