Acorn System Econet Node


Acorn Econet front

 Acorn Econet (front)

 Acorn Econet back

 Acorn Econet (back)

This is a Acorn Econet card from a System 4. The part no. is 200,024 issue 1.

Acorn Econet Node front

 Acorn Econet Node (front)

Acorn Econet Node back

 Acorn Econet Node (back)

This is an Acorn Econet card from a System 5. It is part no. 200,024 Issue 2.

The card has a Motorola MC68B54L advanced data link control IC to manage the network interface. The bank of links in the top middle of the board are used to set the Econet network addess (I assume).