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Acorn Econet Socket Box


 Acorn Econet socket box front

Acorn Econet socket box (front) 

Acorn Econet socket box bottom 

 Acornt Econet socket box (bottom)

 Acorn Econet socket box (open)

 Acorn Econet socket box (open)

 Acorn Econet circuit board back

Acorn Econet socket box circuit board (back)

The Acorn Econet socket box allows 2 stations or a clock to be connected to an Econet netwoork. The box is designed for wall mounting with 2 screw holes in the back of the case. The network cable is run through the holes in the bottom of the case, the wires are stripped and passed through the white cable grips. The cable ties are to secure the cable where it enters the box. The stations (or clock) connect to the 2 x 5 pin DIN sockets on the front. The circuit board is market Econet Box terminator and the same board is used in both socket boxes and terminators, but in a terminator only the left hand socket is present and a set of resistors and capacitors populate the board for termination.