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Oak Solutions ClassROM/Econet card

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 Oak Solutions ClassROM/Econet (top)

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Oak Solutions ClassROM/Econet (bottom)

The Oak Solutions ClassROM/Econet card is designed for the Acorn A3020/A4000. It fits in the network slot and allows connection the an Econet Newtork with full ClassROM protection. It uses an ST Microelectronics EF68B54 Advanced Data Link Controller.

Oak Solutions ClassROM is a system for protecting hard disck, particularly in a school environment. ClassROM allows a hard disc to be partitioned into two seperate partitions; one is protected (the Applications partition) and the other is read/write (the User partition). All applications, system resources and fonts are in the Applications partition and cannot be modified by the user. The User partition is used for temporary data storage. In a network environment, where each computer has a ClassROM, the managementsoftware allows them all to be managed centrally.