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Acorn ACA57 PCcard

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 Acorn ACA57 PCcard

An IBM 5x86 CPU card.

The Acorn ACA57 is a second generation PCcard also known as Gemini II. The IBM 5x86 is clocked at 100MHz.

Here is the Acorn promotional brochure APP919 Acorn Risc PC gets even better .

Here is the Acorn Risc PC x86 Card User Guide .

For further details about RiscPC PCcards see Acorn Cybervillage X86 cards.

Here is the original Acorn PC x86 Card software disc. However is is better to use the more recent Aleph1 PCPro software.
Here is the Aleph1 PCPro v3.06  software to configure and run this PCcard. Aleph1 have released PC & PCPro software under the GPL, further details are available from .