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The main purpose of this page is to provide the support documents for products no longer supported by the company that originally produced them either because the company has ceased to exist or has left the RISC OS market. Many of these documents will also be linked to from the appropriate page under  Computers,,  32bit Upgrades,   8bit Upgrades  or  Software.


I acknowledge that most, if not all, of the documents on this page are subject to copyright. To minimise the copyright infringement (if such is possible), I will only place documentation for products that to the best of my knowledge are no long being active sold, developed or supported. If anyone claims ownership of the copyright of any of the documents on this page and objects to the document being made available here, please contact me and I will immediately remove it.

 Companies are listed in alphabetical order with Acorn at the front. You can jump to the initial letter using the table below:

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Acorn Newsletters

Here are some copies of the Acorn Newsletter , an internal Acorn publication.

Acorn OEM Products

Here are the Acorn OEM Products manuals  for the ARM Evaluation System.

Acorn Scientific

Here are the Acorn Scientific manuals  for the 32016 Second Processor, Cambridge Co-processor and Acorn Cambridge Workstation.

Application Notes

Here are the Acorn Application Notes . They are also available from RISCOS Development Ltd in the Acorn FTP site (see site map).

ART (Acorn Risc Technologies)

Here are ART factsheets  etc.


Here are the Acorn promotional brochures . In most cases they have been scanned, OCR'ed and saved as PDFs.

The Clan

Here are The Clan newsletters and factsheets .

Customer Service News/Newsletters

Here are the Acorn Customer Service News and Newsletters .

Developers' Newsletters

Here are the Acorn ISV/Developers Newsletters. Also includes other developer document and mailings from Acorn and ART.

Education News

Here are the Acorn Education News .

Engineering News

Here are the Acorn Engineering News. 

Guarantee, Owner Registration & Product Warranty cards

Here are some Acorn guarantee, owner registration & product warranty cards .

Higher Education News

Here are the Acorn Higher Education News .

Instructions and technical documents

Here are the Acorn instructions and technical documents.


Here are the Acorn Manuals , including Service Manuals  and Technical Reference Manuals .


Here are the monitor manuals .

Other Documents

Here are some other Acorn documents .

Press Releases

Acorn press releases and other announcements are here.

Sales News

Here are the Acorn Sales News. Also included are dealer newsletters and other material from Acorn and ART.

Special Solutions News

Here are the Acorn Special Solutions News 

Acorn Computer Shows

Here are the catalogues, programmes and showguides from a selection of Acorn computer shows.

Function Key Strips

Here is a collection of BBC micro and Archimedes Function Key Strips. 

Third Party



A and B Computing

All articles are copyright A and B Computing.

Item in Chris's AcornsAand B Computing ArticleA and B Computing Issue
Master CompactMaster Compact ExposedOctober 1986

Acorn User

All articles are copyright Acorn Publisher ( ) and are reproduced with John Cartmell and Acorn Pubisher's kind permission. The link after each article takes you to the Acorn User archive.

Item in Chris's AcornsAcorn User Article (pdf)Link to Acorn User Archive
Acornsoft BBC BASIC conversionBBC BASIC for the AtomAcorn User Issue 2  Sep 1982
ElectronElectron Son of BBC MicroAcorn User Issue 13  Aug 1983
HobbitMaking a Habit of the HobbitAcorn User Issue 14  Sep 1983
 Solidisk Sideways RAM Exciting possibilities in a sideways RAM Acorn User Issue 19  Feb 1984
Aries B2020K RAM boost for the 'B'  Acorn User Issue 21  April 1984
 Acorn 6502 2nd processorNew Dimension in time and space?  Acorn User Issue 22  May 1984
 Acorn Bitstik  CAD within your grasp  Acorn User Issue 22  May 1984
 Acorn Z80 2nd processor Z80 Business Bundle Acorn User Issue 23  June 1984
 Acorn Electron Plus1 Electron Special Expansion factor   Acorn User Issue 24   July 1984
 Solidisk 128k Sideways RAM  It's faster via the silicon drive  Acorn User Issue 24   July 1984
Torch Unicorn Unicorn: cheapest route to Unix   Acorn User Issue 26  Sept 1984
Acorn Business ComputerNew Acorn MicroAcorn User Issue 27  Oct 1984
Viglen Sideways ROM Cartridge SystemROMs on the sideAcorn User Issue 27  Oct 1984
SCL Unicorn (BBC) MicroIndia takes on Beeb assemblyAcorn User Issue 28  Nov 1984
 Acorn ABC310 Vertical Tack of the ABC   Acorn User Issue 28  Nov 1984
Domesday SystemDomesday Plus 900Acorn User Issue 29  Dec 1984
RH Electronics Colour LightpenGuiding LightsAcorn User Issue 29  Dec 1984
6809 Second Processors6809 A Useful NumberAcorn User Issue 32  Mar 1985
Acorn Z80 & Torch ZEP100 2nd processorsCan the ZEP100 Zap the Acorn Z80Acorn User Issue 33  Apr 1985 
Cheetah Sweet TalkerCheetah Sweet TalkerAcorn User Issue 34  May 1985
Concept KeyboardA New Breed of KeyboardsAcorn User Issue 34  May 1985
BBC B+BBC B+ revealedAcorn User Issue 35  Jun 1985
BBC B+B+ GradingAcorn User Issue 36  Jul 1985
Disc Filing Systems (Opus DDOS)DFS Command PerformanceAcorn User Issue 36  Jul 1985
Acorn Cambridge WorkstationWorkstation puts power on desksAcorn User Issue 37  Aug 1985
W2000 modemMiraculousAcorn User Issue 37  Aug 1985´
 Marconi RB2 Tracker Ball On the Ball  Acorn User Issue 38  Sep 1985
Domesday SystemCountdown to DomesdayAcorn User Issue 38  Sep 1985
ROM Expansion BoardsExpanding in the right directionAcorn User Issue 38  Sep 1985
Solidisk DDFS & DFDCOn the DoubleAcorn User Issue 38  Sep 1985
BBC B+128KEnter the 128k BeebAcorn User Issue 40  Nov 1985
Cumana 68008 2nd processorCumana launch 16 bit processorAcorn User Issue 40  Nov 1985
CommunicatorCommunicator's wide appealAcorn User Issue 41  Dec 1985
Sideways RAM (Solidisk, HCR,
RAMAMP & Acorn User)
Working on the sideAcorn User Issue 41  Dec 1985
 BBC Master Master Work Acorn User Issue 44  Mar 1986
 Acorn Communicator The Future of the Communicator Acorn User Issue 47  Jun 1986
 Acorn 32016 2nd processor  Acorn's Supercomputer  Acorn User Issue 50  Sep 1986
 Technomatic Multiform Z80 2nd processor Improve Your Memory Acorn User Issue 51  Oct 1986
 PMS B2P 65022nd Processor  Second Half Acorn User Issue 56  Mar 1987 
Slogger Master RAM boardSlogging It OutAcorn User Issue 57  Apr 1987
Domesday SystemThe Domesday DeviceAcorn User Issue 60  Jul 1987
Hybrid Music 4000Music at the touch of a keyAcorn User Issue 63  Oct 1987
GIS Advanced Teletext ReceiverAcorn User Offer Acorn User Issue 70  May 1988
GIS Advanced Teletext ReceiverA Closer Look Acorn User Issue 70  May 1988

Advanced Computer Products

Advanced Memory Systems

Advantage Six



Argo Interactive

Aries Computers


Audio Dynamics








Cheetah Marketing

CJE Micro's

Computer Concepts

The Archimedean was Computer Concepts newsletter which was sent to users of Computer Concepts' Archimedes products. These PDF files are large, they contain the scanned page images and have not been OCR'ed because background colours and images makes it very difficult to get a reasonably accurate representation of the pages.

Computer Village





Element 14


Expressive Software Projects







Hybrid Technology

Document markes (*) were converted to PDFs from scans on Chris Richardson's site.


ICS (Ian Copestake Software)



Intelligent Interfaces

Irlam Instruments








Martin Barr




Morley Electronics



Nidd Valley





Permanent Memory Systems (PMS)

Personal Computer World

All articles are copyright Personal Computer World (  ) and are reproduced with PCW's kind permission. Articles from 1996 onwards are available from the PCW website.

Item in Chris's AcornsPCW Article (pdf)PCW issue
Torch C series computerThe Torch Vol. 6 No. 1  January 1983
Busicomputer Prophet 2Prophet II Vol. 6 No. 3  March 1983
Acorn ElectronElectron Vol. 6 No. 10  October 1983
Acorn ABC 310Acorn ABC310 Vol. 8 No. 4  April 1985
Torch GraduateTorch Graduate Vol. 8 No. 6  June 1985
BBC Master 128BBC Master 128 Vol. 9 No. 3  March 1986
Acorn Archimedes A300AcornArchimedes Vol. 10 No. 8  August 1987
Acorn Springboard PC cardAcorn Springboard Vol.11 No. 1  January 1988
PC EmulatorPC Emulator Vol.11 No. 1  January 1988
RISC OS 2Acorn RISC OS 2 Vol. 12 No. 1  January 1989
Acorn R140Acorn R140 Vol. 12 No. 3  March 1989
Acorn A3000Acorn A3000Vol. 12 No. 7  July 1989 
Acorn R260Acorn R260Vol. 13 No. 8 August 1990
Acorn A5000Acorn A5000Vol. 15 No. 2 February 1992
Acorn A4Acorn A4Vol. 15 No. 9 September 1992
Acorn A3010, A3020 & A4000A3010, A3020 & A4000Vol. 15 No. 10 October 1992
Aleph1 PC Expansion CardAleph1 PC Expansion cardVol. 15 No 12 December 1992
Herman Hauser interviewMissing the big timeVol. 16 No. 5 May 1993
RiscPC600Acorn RISC PC 600Vol. 17 No. 6 June 1994
Acorn 486DX PCcardAcorn RISC PC 486 co-processorVol. 18 No. 6 June 1995
Archimedes A310Acorn Archimedes A310Vol. 18 No. 7 July 1995



Practical Computing

All articles are copyright Practical Computing.

Item in Chris's AcornsPC Article (pdf)PC Issue
BBC MicroBBC MicroVol. 5 Issue 1 January 1982
Acorn ComputersChris Curry of AcornVol. 5 Issue 10 October 1982
Acorn ElectronElectronVol. 6 Issue 10 October 1983
BBC Second ProcessorsTo the BBC by bus and TubeVol. 7 Issue 12 December 1984
BBC B+64KAcorn BBC B+Vol. 8 Issue 7 July 1985
Acorn 32016 2nd ProcessorCambridge 32016 Co-ProcessorVol. 8 Issue 10 October 1985
BBC B+128BBC Plug-insVol. 8 Issue 12 December 1985
Acorn CommunicatorAcorn CommunicatorVol. 9 Issue 1 January 1986
ARM Evaluation SystemKeep it simple (RISC)Vol. 9 Issue 10 October 1986
Master 512 & Master CompactBBC Master 512 & CompactVol.10 Issue 1 January 1987


P.R.E.S. Ltd



RAMAMP Computers

RH Electronics

Risc Developments



Sidelight magazine







These manuals have been kindly supplied in PDF form by Sprow.

State Machine


The Concept Keyboard Company

The Serial Port




Vertical Twist

Video Electronics Ltd


Vine Micros


Watford Electronics

Wild Vision




Yellowstone Educational Solutions