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Acorn AEH75 Access+ A5000

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Acorn AEH75 box 

 Acorn AEH75 Access+ A5000 (box)

 Acorn AEH75 (box label)

  Acorn AEH75 Access+ A5000 (box label)

 Acorn AEH75 (box open)

 Acorn AEH75 Access+ A5000 (box open) 

 Acorn AEH75 top

 Acorn AEH75 Access+ A5000 (top) 

 Acorn AEH75 back

  Acorn AEH75 Access+ A5000 (back)

 Acorn AEH75 bottom

  Acorn AEH75 Access+ A5000 (bottom)

The Acorn AEH75 Access+ A5000 is a rebadged i-cubed EtherLan 500 Combi  network card. It is packaged with Acorns Access Plus on 3.5" disc and Release note and user guide.

The Acorn Access+ disc is available HERE 

The Acorn Access+ Release Note is available HERE.
The Acorn Access+ user guide is availabe HERE .
Installing the network card - A5000 is Available HERE.
Connecting up an Acorn Access network is available HERE .