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  Beebug VIDC Mode Expander

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Beebug VIDC Mode expander front 

 Beebug VIDC Mode Expander (front)

 Beebug VIDC Mode expander back

 Beebug VIDC Mode Expander (back)

The Archimedes and A3000 computers were limited in the video modes supported by the speed of the VIDC. The VIDC Mode Expander consists of an oscilator (36 MHz) which increases the clock rate for the VIDC, making more modes available. These are saved as mode modules which can be loaded at startup. This allowed SVGA Monitors (e.g Taxan 770, 775 and 795 and Eizo 9060 and 9070 to be used with an Archimedes.

The instructions for installation and use are in the Readme file.
The software support disc is available HERE .