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Computer Concepts ColourCard Gold

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CC ColourCard Gold top 

Computer Concepts ColourCard Gold (top)

 CC Colourcard Gold back

 Computer Concepts ColourCard Gold (back)

 CC ColourCard Gold bottom

Computer Concepts ColourCard Gold (bottom) 

The Computer Concepts ColourCard Gold provides improved graphics capability and supported VGA monitors for an Archimedes or A3000 computer. The ribbon cable plugs into the video connector on the motherboard.

The ColourCard  manual describes how to install, configure and use a ColourCard. The Monitors Known to work with Colourcard  document lists suitable monitors for use with a Colourcard (in 1993). Fitting a ColourCard to an A3000  describes how to install a ColourCard externally for an A3000. 

 The ColourCard  support disc containt the !FlipTop application and other software for the Colourcard. The ColourCard Gold Disc 1  disc contains the same applications for a Colourcard Gold and the ColourCard Gold Disc 2 (Replay)  disc contains the Acorn Replay application.