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  DesignIT EtherLan600

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DesignIT EtherLan600 top 

DesignIT EtherLan600 (top) 

DesignIT EtherLan600 back 

DesignIT EtherLan600 (back) 

 DesignIT EtherLan600 bottom

DesignIT EtherLan 600 (bottom) 

When i-cubed withdrew from the Acorn & RISC OS market, DesignIT took ove production and marketing othe i-cubed's EtherLan Ethernet interfaces. This is an example of the EtherLan600 which fits the RiscPC and A7000 range network slot. In the top picture you can see that the PCB still has the i-cubed copyright "(c) i-cubed Ltd 1995" on the left hand side.

Here is the i-cubed EtherLan600  for comparison.