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  Acorn ADC06 65C102 Co-processor

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Acorn ADC06 65C102 Co-processor

Acorn 65C102 co-processor

This is the internal 65C102 co-processor for the BBC Master which replaced the external, "cheese wedge" 6502 second processor for the BBC Micro. A BBC Master fitted with the 6502 co-processor was called a Master Turbo.

The 65C102 co-processor had a 65SC102 CPU clocked at 4MHz and 64MB of memory. Like the 6502 second processor, it could run special versions of BASIC (HiBASIC), View (HiView) and Computer concepts Wordwise (HiWordwise) which could take advantage of the extra memory and more than doubled the memory available to the user.

The 65C102 Co-Processor User Guide is available HERE