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  Acorn BitStik

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Acorn BitStik front 

 Acorn BitStik (front)

 Acorn BitStik right side

Acorn BitStik (right side) 

 Acorn BitStik back

Acorn BitStik (back) 

Acorn BitStik bottom 

Acorn BitStik (bottom)

The Acorn BitStik consists of the joystik (see above), an 80T disc with the system software, a 2764 service ROM to fit in a sideways ROM socket on the BBC and a User Guide. To run the BitStik software you will require a BBC micro with disc interface, twin 80T disc drive, 6502 second processor and a colour monitor.

 Acorn BitStik brochureAcorn BitStik product brochure.

In May 1984 Acorn user published a review titled 'CAD within your grasp '.

Here is the Acorn Bitstik User Guide  Issue 2.