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Acorn ALA11 Plus 1

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Acorn Plus 1 front 

Acorn Plus 1 (front) 

 Acorn Plus 1 back

 Acorn Plus 1 (back)

 Acorn Plus 1 bottom

Acorn Plus 1 (bottom) 

Acorn Plus 1 open 

 Acorn Plus 1 with top removed

 Acorn Plus 1 without cartridge guides

 Acorn Plus 1 with cartridge guide removed.

 Acorn Plus 1 circuit board top

 Acorn Plus 1 circuit board (top)

 Acorn Plus 1 circuit board bottom

Acorn Plus 1 circuit board (bottom)

The Plus 1 was the most important upgrade for the Electron. The Plus 1 provided 2 cartridge slots, a parallel print port and an analog in scocket with 4 x 8bit analogue to digital input channels for joysticks, games paddles or analogue measurement. It also provided the base for many further expansions such as diskdrives, sideways ROMs and other upgrades using the cartidge slots. This Plus 1 has beeen upgraded with the Slogger Electron Expansion ROM which provided additional commands for controlling the fuctions of the Plus 1.

In July 1984 Acorn user published a review titled "Electron Special Expansion Factor ".

A HiRes picture of the Acorn Plus 1 circuit board is available HERE .

The Acorn Electron Plus 1 User Guide is available HERE.
The PRES Electron Plus 1 User Guide (1988) is available HERE .