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Hybrid Music 2000

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Hybrid Music 2000 front 

Hybrid Music 2000 (front)

 Hybrid Music 2000 right

 Hybrid Music 2000 (right)

Hybrid Music 2000 back 

 Hybrid Music 2000 (back)

 Hybrid Music 2000 bottom

 Hybrid Music 2000 (bottom)

 Hybrid Music 2000 open

 Hybrid Music 2000 (open)

The Hybrid Music 2000 is a MIDI interface an is part of the Hybrid Music System for the BBC model B, BBC B+ and Master which includes:

The Music 2000 takes its power from the BBC B or Masters's disc drive power socket and connects to the Music 5000's 1MHz bus socket.

A useful website is Colin Frazer's Hybrid Music System , which has lots of details including disc images and documentation.
Here is the Hybrid Music 2000 User Guide , from Colin Fraser's site.