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  Torch Z80 Communicator

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 Torch Z80 Communicator Issue 1 top

 Torch Z80 Communicator issue 1 (top)

 Torch Z80 Communicator issue 1 bottom

 Torch Z80 Communicator Issue 1 (bottom)

 Torch Z80 Communicator Issue 2 top

 Torch Z80 Communicator Issue 2 (top)

 Torch Z80 Communicator Issue 2 bottom

Torch Z80 Communicator Issue 2 (bottom)

 The Torch Z80 communicator has a 4MHz Z80A CPU with 64KB RAM and a 16K ROM with the CPN operating system. CPN is Torch's ROM based implmenetation of CP/M. Although the Torch Z80 Communicator connects to the Tube interface on the BBC micro, it does not use Acorn's Tube proctocol, this may be because it was launched before Acorn had completed the specificiation, instead it has a 6522 controlling the interface.

A HiRes picture of the issue 1 board is available HERE.
A HiRes picture of the Issue 2 board is available HERE .

The Z80 Communicator was sold with twin 800K disc drives as the Torch Z80 Disc pack. The Perfect suite of software was bundled with the Z80 Disc pack, it consisted of Perfect Writer, Perfect Calc and Perfect Filer (not the greatest software but it got you started). Like may people I did not use these packages instead I preferrred the MicroPro suite (Wordstar, Calcstar and Datastar), Ashton Tate's DbaseII, etc. It is quite easy to configure most CP/M software to run on the Torch Z80 Disc Pack or any of the Torch Z80 based computers.

Here is the Torch Important Notice Acorn DNFS ROM.
Here is the Torch computer BBC micro keyboard comparison .
Here is the Torch Disc Error Codes Information Sheet .

In April 1985 Acorn User published a comparative review titled "Can the ZEP100 Zap the Acorn Z80 "

Here is the Torch Unicorn Brochure.
The Torch ZDP User Guide is available HERE.
The implementation and use of Perfect Software on Torch Computer Systems is available HERE
The Torch System Guide is available HERE  . This is for the Torch CPN computers rather than the Z80 Disc Pack, but contains useful information to supplement the ZDP User Guide.
here is a Torch Cell box  which originally contained a Torch Communicator.